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Sick Beat : These players simply deserve to shot!! Shot in the Brains and then fed to pigs!!

    • priamhasnat
      Joined: 18.09.2008 Posts: 7
      I know how poker forums are flooded with these but after tonight I just could not help myself.

      It was a pretty sick session anyways, lost with AA after hitting an A in the flop, this was in a tournament in Titan and this meant i was bubble boy. But i accepted that as I went all in and 2 guys called with KK and QQ. (QQ won btw, sad i know)

      But nothing compared to this.
      This was in Bodog. $4 SNG 45. About 12 players left. I am dealt AA on the SB. Raise 6 X BB when 3 limped in. 2 called. 1 short shacked and the other 1(!).
      Me : 17K, SS : 4 K , Other 1 :22K
      Blinds : 400/800

      Flop : 9x Ax 10 :spade:
      I make a pot sized bet, taking a chance if some one is playing a draw or maybe even with the other A. Short Stacked goes all in. Understandable. Pot committed.

      THe other 1 (!) calls. Could not put him on anything beside a draw or maybe K 10(he a maniac, so not impossible).

      Turn : 5 :spade: I confidently go all in. Why wouldn't I? I had the nuts there.
      Guy calls : I see hez holding K 3 :spade: . Well by now u can guess what the river was. I dont remember what it was apart from that it was a spade.

      And thus in about 6 hrs, from a commandable position i go out before the money because some lame wanker watched TV poker and thought "well that cant be hard".

      Thus i propose : Lets put together some money to buy some pigs and then feed these fishes to them.
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