How many points before I can withdraw?

    • waynescalley
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      As a pokerstrategy sign up at Betfred, I am unable to withdraw any money until ... ??? I was initially told I had to rake 20USD which was 2000 VIP points, however after playing around 100 SnGs and reading the VIP points system details on the betfred website, I now understand that 20USD actually equals 400 VIP points.

      Does anybody know which it is ?? Raking 100 USD before being able to withdraw(even after depositing) just because I received a 10 USD bonus seems pretty heavy, I mean a 2EUR Double Up game only gets you 7 points so that is nearly 300 2EUR games required before you are allowed to make a withdrawal, can that be right???

      Otherwise I am very pleased with the offer, though the support could definitely be better, have been sitting around waiting for an answer from live chat for over 20 minutes just now and after getting a single line reply I've now been waiting a further 10 minutes for an answer to my first question. Not exactly confidence inspiring is it!
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