• dumezd
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      Hi guys

      About myself I'm Dirk, 25years old.
      Currently playing 0.02 and 0.10cent SNGs on Pokerstars.
      A few years ago I came in touch with poker but it was casual, though now I'm intending to take it more serious.
      I understand it's a long way to go, but where there's a will there's a way.

      From my experience in other games, being involved in a community helps to improve faster and to keep you motivated.
      I remember this website from back when I first started but never got involved which lead to me stepping away from poker.
      The reason why I enjoy it so much though is the systems, the stategy that goes behind it.
      Often people look at it as a game based on luck but anyone who has played it knows this is not the case.

      My goal is to get a good understanding of the game, and to progress at a steady pace.
      And who knows after some hard work I can make a living out of it.
      But that's a long road.
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    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Hey Dirk,

      Where are you from? I've never seen that name before.

      I'm assuming those are the $0.02 990Man Hypers? I once played a little but they're sooooo crazy! Variance is huge in those games and turning a long term profit may be difficult.

      Have you ever thought of playing the 45mans that run? These may be easier to build up from imo :)

      Being involved within the community is definitely a huge bonus, you get to learn so much form just reading posts, asking questions directly and just generally speaking with other players.

      It may be a long road, but keep putting in the hours and it gets shorter ;)

      I hope to see you contributing around the forum in the next few days.
    • dumezd
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      The 45mans are 0.50cent since my bankroll is 32euro I'd want to wait until it's 50dollar so I have 100 buyinns.
      It's the next step anyway.
      And Belgium is where I'm from.

      One thing that helped me boost my bankroll was the SNG heads on, maybe I was lucky 7 times but I'm not complaining.
      Neither pushing my luck :)
      Anyway thanks for the reply and maybe I will try out the 45man a few times.

      Oh and I have stopped playing the 0.02 Hyper tournaments, the 0.10 are suiting me better.
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      Good luck Dirk and a big welcome to our community :)