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    • darchvile40
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      do you have to be silver status or above to use the hand evaluation forum. i lost my silver status recently been abit busy but i have just purchased holdem manager 2 so now i wanna post some hands but realised i cant cuz im a bronze status. can u clarify, thank you!!
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    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Hey darchvile40,

      You do indeed need to be Silver to have a a Judge review your hand.

      Originally posted by SvenBe
      Dear users,
      we want to give you an overview of our new environment for hand sharing. It consists of

      open hand discussions
      - Free and unlimited sharing of hands with everyone
      - the ideal place to exchange opinions with all pokerstrategists

      premium hand evaluations
      - The place to get a guaranteed personalized evaluation by one of our Poker experts
      - Premium hand evaluations will be subject to these monthly limitations:
      Silver status: 5 hand evaluations per month
      Gold status: 20 hand evaluations per month
      Platinum status: 50 hand evaluations per month
      Diamond/ Black Member status: no personal limit

      These changes allow our new system to be sustainable and let us further provide excellent service in all premium evaluations. On top of that, the majority of active members will not be affected. We believe these changes will even increase the quality of the hands posted and improve the quality of discussions.
      For those of you who want to post more hands than your current status allows, you can simply
      • Play on one of our partner rooms to increase your status
      Buy a higher status
      • Post your hands in our open discussion boards

      The changes will be taking place tomorrow, Tuesday 4th.
      Taken from - status related changes to our hand evaluation forums

      If you have further questions, give us a shout :]