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      Love how jokerstars decided to change it's sit n go shootout tourney at the end of each month to something not even specified yet for all those who received tickets. The even bigger joke is that the more tickets you collected the more you get fucked because somehow they determined that they can pay you back on a decreasing basis for the more tickets you had. This is a huge scam right there there's no defending it. They give you no notice and pay you back in a way that saves themselves tons of money and rips the players off. But oh no our beloved pokerstars would never cheat anyone.

      Even funnier is I know this post is gonna get way more views (at least until one of the mods takes it down because he can't handle the truth and wants to keep collecting his cheques from these crooked sites) than most other posts where people are genuinely looking for help which says a lot in itself. Go ahead and defend your crooked sites and then when the next black Friday comes who are you gonna turn to?

      This is what you clowns are defending right here. You shut down these threads cause you can't handle the facts. Stop being cowards and stand up for people who actually give a shit instead of collecting your greedy cheques.

      Ask pokerstars with an email why they haven't been audited since 2003. I have never received an answer and have asked countless times. Lmao like.....they might as well just say they're rigged cause it's just too obvious.
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      Hey Mike,

      You are entitled to your opinion, of course but I am gonna go ahead now and save everyone the time and energy and close your thread.

      I will leave everything you posted so that people can come to their own conclusions.

      Oh yes, if you feel that you are not being treated fairly by PokerStars or indeed any other room for that matter - just don't play there!

      Oh and one final thing, please don't offend me and my other colleagues. Most of them are voluntary members who donate their free time to keep this community running so well.

      Best regards,