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My New Strategy

    • 118Hither
      Joined: 26.09.2008 Posts: 30
      Hi all

      I have decided to rewrite my blog and complete each day after I finish my play.

      Now, I have decided to rethink my buy-in strategy following a coaching session I watched last night and some concerns came over me when I heard the 2 coaches were saying their buy-in is at least 75 buy-ins of the level they are playing.

      After experiencing a downswing of 15BI yesterday from which I recovered it's time to document my days play and track my progress.

      So, from this day one I will be using the following management of level up and down movement:

      So let me explain at this point how I came up with the buyins required.

      To move up, I decided to use the fee as a skill level meter and the formula is 30+(Buy-in+Fee), the move down factor is a little more complex, its 80% of buy-ins required for the level above multiplied by this levels buy-in+fee.

      So, today I have $172.19 in my account, I was at $199 earlier this week, so I am going to keep at my $5 level.

      I'll make a new excel sheet on a daily basis to track progress and will bring up my first results tonight.
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    • 118Hither
      Joined: 26.09.2008 Posts: 30
      Today was an interesting day, no end of beats but most hands keeping up their part of bargain.

      So I started to day on 172, ended on 209 with $10 in bonuses being paid.

      Todays top line:
      Total Buy-in $198.00
      Amount Won $225.00
      Net Won $27.00
      Tournaments played 36
      ROI 13.64%
      ITM 50%
      1st 2
      2nd 8
      3rd 8

      I have decided my target ROI is 10%, anything above that is a bonus, so all in all, a good day
    • slikec
      Joined: 04.02.2008 Posts: 1,155
      Maybe it just wasn't your day but you were 1st only 2 and second 8 times. Maybe you should improve your heads up game since there is the most money and you are new at SNG. Playing 36 at one day is a lot? Do you play turbos?
    • 118Hither
      Joined: 26.09.2008 Posts: 30
      No, they regular, I am playing 6 tables at a time in 2 x 3 hour stints.

      Yes, I have revisited those games on my Poker Tracker where I came second.

      5 times out of 8 I was short stack, 2 of those by almost 10 to 1, both times i got an ace, all in, called by rubbish and they hit. Nothing I could do.

      Out of the 8 final hands, I was always ahead with the money in except once, one sticks in my mind horribly.

      I had 83, he limp to my BB. Flop came 873. I bet he goes all in, I called, he had a 7 and hit another 7 on the turn.

      I didn't play any of them wrong, just was unlucky.

      Twice today, first hand of tourny, AA!!! Hate getting them on first hand. All in both times, called by KQ once, he hit a straight and AK he hit TRIPS!!!!!

      So some bad luck, but I can't complain, above my 10% ROI target! But happy for tips
    • SoyCD
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 6,356
      Horray for another SNG blog :)

      I wish you success in your move up the limits. Make sure to post your difficult situations in the hand evaluation boards ( so that you also improve your play as the buy-ins increase!

      Since I see you are interested in BRM/SNGs/Variance this article might be of interest for you:

      Best regards