Which payment method???

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      Hello i have a problem which is not so big at the moment but in time can get bigger.

      Problem is EXCHANGE RATIO AT MONEYBOOKERS (which i currently use) between € and $.

      I just withdraw again 120$ and got only 92,54€ :( I expected at least 95€ comparing ratio was yesterday almost 1$=0,8$. more than 3% difference fee is to much!!!

      I am glad $ moved a lot last month(like 10% ;:D ) but am sure will fall down eventually and i want to withdraw in time most of bankroll somewhere where they use good ratio.

      SO IS THERE ANY BETTER PROVIDER(better exchange rate) than moneybookers?

      Please i would like to solve that sooner than later so if are nettelers better or someone else in this matter?

      Thx in andvance,

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