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Drop3r 2014

    • Drop3r
      Joined: 06.02.2011 Posts: 17
      Hey there!

      I began playing poker few years ago with friends on Facebook (zynga) after
      some time i went on playing freerolls and micro mtts. I had some success with it and had withdrawn like 400$. Once i started studying IT last year i stopped playing poker but after i saw my friend made 4k in 5days from just 400$ i remembered how fun and competitive it is and since my friend can't play right now i asked him to coach me. So i will track my progress here.

      About me:

      * 24 years old
      * Live in Lithuania
      * Studying IT

      Poker Goals in March:

      * Work on my mental game
      * Don't be lazy and study my game regularly with help of my friend
      * Watching some coaching videos here on pokerstrategy after i grind upper status
      * Participate in the Hands Evaluation forum (posting most interesting hands there to discuss and ask for advice- I will post them here too probably)
      * Reach proper bankroll for MicroMillions and FTOP later on

      Bankroll right now:
      60$ on Mansion
      20$ on Pokerstars

      Hoping to make this the best improvement blog on Pokerstrategy! :D
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    • jawoftheox
      Joined: 11.09.2013 Posts: 216
      Good luck, buddy! Are you going to continue playing MTTs? :)
      Joined: 30.12.2010 Posts: 3,107
      Hi Drop3r,

      MTT grinder, that's what we needed around :)

      Welcome to the forum,

      Don't let us wait long for your next update :)

      Will you concentrate more on turbo MTT's or regular speed?

    • Drop3r
      Joined: 06.02.2011 Posts: 17
      Thanks for support, it is nice to see someone actually reads this :D
      and yeah, i will grind MTTs, mainly normal speed because turbos require much
      more luck and i am not very lucky :D
      and yesterdays session on mansion proves that, could find just 1micro tourneys cause i started playing very late at night so had terrible BRM. Everything should have been fine but got cooled over and over again :f_cry:
      left with round 5$ at mansion

      on pokerstars side: i played just 2 2.2$ tourneys on first got out A9<aq on 9 66 flop (i 3bet pushed to his cb and he called lol) in the second finished 5 for 328$ from 3859players. Boom! should have won that one, made FT 4th in chips but FT was terrible for me. Lost few flips lost AK<Aq and busted with lesser two pair :s_frown:

      bankroll at stars:342$

      Will post some graphs after i ship some more lol :D