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Fifth place in 10k Monthly Bonzana

    • ironmask92
      Joined: 23.10.2009 Posts: 303
      I got pretty lucky this tourney. I got alot of hands when i needed them but also had to make moves when i was short stacked.

      Made one big mistake though, i had just tripled up with pocket A's and became chip leader on my table (but not in the entire tourney), i tried to raise 3x bb with pocket 8's against the other big stack at the table and got called, then i had a straight draw and got check/called, then i shoved the turn but found out i was against a higher straight, :(

      Lost about 2/3 of my stack on that one hand but i remained focused after that hand and held on to get to the final table, by the time we were at the final table with 9 players, all but 2 were short stacked. I made my last stand with Q/4o from cutoff with 5 players remaining but one of the big stacks (the other big stack was chip leader) called me with Q/Jo after tanking for awhile and i was out.

      I got $450 for my efforts, but just thinking i may have made it to top 2 or even shipped this tourney if i didn't make that big mistake. Here is the picture to prove it.

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