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      Hi rooks.

      I'm new here on poker strategy and i hope I stick around for a while

      Cinda feel stupid writing this cause its not rly my thing but i don't got shit to do while waiting for the bonus so here it goes:

      I'm not a fish like most of u(joke...:P ), I've made prob 10k$ in tournaments over the last year and blown it all on partying, prob cashed out around 2k$ playing from nl25-nl200(where i busted my roll). The reason i wanna try this sight out is because i relay never cared much for brm and blew my 5k$ roll on one night(that was fun while i was still drunk...). so i hope this site can learn me to maintain a strict brm and maybe il pick up a few new things on the way.

      loosing 5k$ in one night kinda hurt since I am a student so i decided i would never deposit a dime online again, I am gonna start out @ nl2 with the 50bucks and build my way up and try to stick to a 40BI minimum when i get up to nl50(pretty sure I am gonna crush nl2-nl50/100 anyways)

      wish me luck :baby:
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