Pokerstars saving money

    • Michael2345
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      So I get an email today from pokerstars (finally) and the guy tells me that the battle of the planets shootout tickets are going to be paid back on a scaled back basis because "It is worth noting that those who were earning multiple tickets a month and/or stockpiled large numbers could never reasonably expect to redeem all of their tickets. There was never a promise to run this promotion indefinitely, nor was there ever an opportunity or promise of redemption of more than one ticket per month."

      Lmao I don't know what else needs to be said to show that this site does not give a **** about the players and only cares about themselves. The best reason they could come up with to save tons of money by paying us back on a scaled back basis per number of tournaments is that these tournaments were not guaranteed...........

      And also it was possible for any player to use all their tickets but since they just decided to take away the shootout tournaments at the end of the months with no warning and to rip us all off it's cool.

      Now awaiting the forum mods to defend their blind cheques from these sites. Or maybe you could wake up and actually use some common sense for once. Black Friday part 2 is coming because anyone who knows what these sites are all about know they only care about themselves.
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