differences between short and mid stack in the charts

    • Michael2345
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      Hi, I was just wondering why when playing with a mid stack your charts recommend to open AJ suited utg but not when playing big stack. Also to play QQ+ vs a reraise instead of KK+. Could this please be explained to me. Thank you.
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    • HypnoMarsu
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      I will try to give you an answer.

      The beginning BSS and MSS charts are designed to give a beginner a strategy with as few tough decisions as possible. And if followed correctly it will make you a profit without the need of reads/notes or tracking software. The strategies are NOT optimal and probably somewhat outdated but they WILL net you a profit. Especially in lower micros that are extremely fishy.

      The reason why u can 4bet QQ+ in MSS because your stack size is so small u need less equity to make a profitable 4bet. Also MSS is a significantly simpler strategy because u go all in when we 4bet.

      And as for the AJs UTG open is partly the same reason. The MSS stack size allows u to play your top pairs aggressively without offering implied odds to your opponents. Thus keeping your potential losses from mistakes small. While if u played BSS and got top pair with AJs u would potentially be giving implied odds due to having a dominated hand or overplaying your hand. And thus suffering a big loss due to mistake.

      Which one is better for a beginner? The one that allows the player to firstly practice good BRM and secondly practice good BRM :s_grin: and thirdly the one the player enjoys the most :s_cool: .

      Hope that was what you where looking for.