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Generic question. NL10 6-max zoom. Medium pairs OOP.

    • good2betheking
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      Hi fellas,
      Say, I raise 3XBB UTG/HJ with a medium pair(88,99 or TT) and Villain on CO/BTN 3bets to 10XBB. Everyone else folds. What is the best way of playing with 100BB effective stacks for the following villain types?
      a.Villain is LAG
      b.Villain is TAG
      c.Villain is Loose Passive (fish)
      &What to do with small pairs (22 to 77) OOP? Would you recommend set mining OOP?
      Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend.
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    • VorpalF2F
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      Super Moderator
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      Hi, good2betheking

      Welcome to the forums!

      I am not a coach!

      OK, let's have a look at the LAG

             Equity     Win     Tie
      MP3    39.95%  39.52%   0.43% { TT-88 }
      CO     60.05%  59.62%   0.43% { TT+, AJs+, KQs, AQo+ }

      That is a wide 3Bet range (over 5%), and if he is a good LAG, he may flat some of those, and may have some slightly worse hands he will 3Bet/Fold.

      So you have 40% equity, more or less
      The odds of flopping a set is 7.5:1
      The pot is now 14.5 BB, and you need to put in 7 call
      You are getting pot odds of 14.5:7 ≈ 2:1
      So you need implied odds, or you need to 4Bet and get a fold.

      On the implied odds side of the question, if you hit, can you get the required additional 35 BB you need to make up the odds gap?

      Too often w/ sm pp, when I DO hit, if I x/r the flop, I get a fold. Over the long haul, this makes medium PP -EV, since the implieds don't happen. If OTOH, I try to call the CBet then villain gets cheap turn & river.
      If, on the other hand, you will get his stack if you hit, then call away!

      On low boards, you may even have an overpair, so you may win w/o actually hitting.

      Can this guy fold to a 4Bet?
      Do you have enough hands on him for his fold-4Bet stat have any meaning?

      If so, how often.
      If he folds > 33% of the time, you auto-profit.
      The 33% is Bet_needed/(pot + bet_needed)

      So if he folds to 4Bet more than that, you could consider 4Betting.
      If he calls your 4Bet, you still have your 40% equity, so you won't always lose if he calls.

      Bear in mind that equity calculations assume that the hand goes to showdown. With medium pairs, you won't always get to showdown, but the instant you fold, you will forfeit any equity you have.

      So if you 4Bet, you will be in trouble if you are thinking you might fold on later streets. If you're going to do that, leave 4Bet out of your choices.

      Your own style and table image may come in to play, too.
      History vs this villain may be important.

      All that, and I only looked at the LAG.
      The TAG its the same, except villain's range is tighter, so your equity will be very slightly less.

             Equity     Win     Tie
      MP3    39.22%  39.02%   0.20% { TT-88 }
      CO     60.78%  60.59%   0.20% { QQ+, AQs+, KQs, AKo }

      A loose passive player 3Betting?
        Passive player behaving aggressively ==> Run for the hills
        Will this guy EVER fold if you hit? ==? Call pre x/f flop

    • DrDunne
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      Originally posted by good2betheking
      What is the best way of playing with 100BB effective stacks
      snapfold and don't light money on fire! there are soooo many other profitable spots than calling 3bets OOP in the hopes that you will flop the world 12% of the time AND stack villain's overpair. in fact so many people call PPs vs 3bets and it is the easiest pot to pick up. great for the red line because they either fold to every cbet or they call to float and then hate life when they face a 2nd barrel. then when they do hit their set it's super obvious because they actually play back for once. don't be that player