>NL10 Zoom To NL25 Zoom by April [FULL RING GOALS]

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      Hey everyone.
      Right so i had a previous challenge of playing 100k hands of NL10 which was a success, but the real goal i want to reach is to move up in stakes, and start taking shots at NL25.

      I play NL10 Zoom at stars, Full ring.

      This is a list of goals:
      • Reach at least Goldstar each month
      • Save FPP's up to unlock the 75$ (Goldstar status needed)
      • Purchased a database Analysis review by Bogdan - which i am awaiting to recieve, hopefully sometime this week.

      Current VIP status:

      A goal i have is to unlock 50$ by the end of the month. This is my progress so far:

      My main goal is to be taking shots at NL25 by April 10th ( a months times ).

      I have also purchased a book called "buiilding a bankroll" by Pawel verneer Nazarewicz which i'm 27 pages deep into ;D

      So any tips or advice would be nice, but other then that, wish meh luck!
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