How safe are online poker sites?

    • kayceelee
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      I recently got my money stolen by DAFA POKER.

      Got my free bankroll from this site some time back (Thanks for that - appreciated).

      So I have been grinding micros on a casual basis and increased my DAFAPOKER roll.

      Tried to withdraw once but not allowed because they said I never deposited before.

      It was a small amount, so I continued grinding. I reached around $140 when suddenly I got locked out of the account for security reasons. Contacted their support for the reason and they replied saying that my country was now restricted.

      I then asked what happens to the money on the account and whether they just take it. It's been about a month and absolute silence.

      Seeing as I signed up for DAFAPOKER via this site, was wondering if there is anything you can do to help me.

      It's not a big deal, but I don't like to get cheated.

      After this experience, I would advise players not to make any deposits anywhere until you are sure the poker room is legit. So far, the only site I've had no problems re withdrawal is Pokerstars.


      Hope to hear from you guys.
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    • gadget51
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      Hi kayceelee,

      I've asked around and unfortunately there isn't a lot we can do when your account has been blocked for security reasons by the poker site.

      I can only suggest at this time that you continue to stay in contact with their Customer Support.


    • shivas80
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      TBH there is no "safe" or "legit" poker sites at all, if you read most of EULA licenses for rooms they can close and forfeit ur bankroll without reason given... just like that.

      A lot of people get accounts banned just becoz 3rd party did something shady. ( i mean common... it's 3rd party)

      What most ridiculous are, they gonna do security checks only when u gonna try to withdraw money, so the worst case scenario is: you ship sunday million (or whatever major) and they will shut ur account down and take all ur moneys just becoz someone chipdumped to you on 1.5$ table (not intentionaly)

      I know, it sounds as rant... but it isn't... people just eager to play without reading EULA and then cry river when they get owned by "self rightious poker network"
    • raise2much
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      It is true that Poker sites can shutdown your account whenever they want for whatever reason they want, However if you stick to the bigger sites/sportsbooks the security is obv a lot better security and i would not worry about for example Pokerstars closing my account without a good reason for it.

      You can find threads were people have had there account shutdown by majors site but you will only see their side of the story and i dont think that the sites just closed there account for no reason in most of the cases.

      Like i said put your bankroll on bigger sites, Pokerstars or bigger sportsbooks like Unibet & Ladbrokes and you can always withdraw money and have on your eWallet (Skrill) There is no reason to have your full poker bankroll on 1 site.

      One thing that could benefit you is to contact the support at the site you want to play and ask to verify your account before you will make a deposit this way you wont have to send in Id, adress and other things they might need when you want to withdraw.

      GL getting your money.
    • Nepi1987
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      can that happen on FT or STARS ?
    • shanesmith
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      In todays world of poker no one should leave vast amounts in online poker accounts, having skrill, neteller and simular ways to deposit and withdraw one should be more inclined to leave the bare minimum in, i play on Stars and i leave the bare minimum in - if i,am doing that on the most secure site i guess i,am saying i dont fully trust online sites, but i have more confidence in Stars than any others.

    • Jafreiteris
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      Many people barked that poker sites are legitimate business and big sites have no reason to cheat or to louder money because they make a lot of money from rake and etc. And you should deposit your funds and feel safe because it safer than keeping them in bank and etc. When full tilt scandal came out those people just gone.... From my opinion : Nothing is 100% safe, gold even, but pack to the poker, and here is my tips :

      1. The bigger the site (kchem.. fulltilt...), the more safer it will be. They should not encounter money problems from paying, like separated player pools, profit loses and etc.

      2. Look reviews in Internet, forums etc, if there is a subforum of that poker room in forum look for there and if needed create a thread asking is that site is making cashout's as it should. For example PokerStrategy have subforums of poker sites, like cake poker (win cake :f_confused: ) and it had many people complaining that it not pay back, and cashout takes about 6 months.

      3.Look for other information like licenses and etc, and look if they match.
    • kayceelee
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      Thanks for the replies.

      I've actually been stonewalled by dafa customer support on my queries. Like I said, absolute silence ....

      They say they restricted my country but I wonder whether they are still accepting deposits from accounts from my country. If they are, then, it's a pure scam. I'll be checking on other sites.

      BTW, any players on DAFAPOKER from Singapore here? Did you encounter same problem?

      I'm curious whether these no deposit free money offers are legit or just a snare.

      Has anyone ever managed to build up a roll with the free money without depositing and then make a minimum deposit and manage to get all the money won (including the small deposit) out?
    • kayceelee
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      Hey Guys,

      As a latest follow up

      Just found out from other sites that some DAFA betting accounts from my country are still active despite DAFAPOKER having taken my money on account of my country being on their list of restricted countries now.

      As far as I'm concerned therefore, DAFA must be a SCAM.

      Just to let you guys know to be CAREFUL ....
    • thazar
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      Hey kayceelee

      I am not aware of DAFA being a partner site with PokerStrategy. if it was contact support by creating a ticket ( go to help)
    • badgerer
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      rmb how stars treated players after black friday? they are 100% legit.

      cant say the same for other companies.
    • CannedHam
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      This is the primary reason I only play small stakes now. I lost a lot of money on black friday, just about my whole poker bankroll. I almost lost it again on another site, but finally got it off (post black friday). I'm just not comfortable keeping more than 4-5k online anymore post black friday. It sucks, because these games are fairly boring for me playing 100 and 200nl.
    • VorpalF2F
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      Hi, CannedHam,
      Welcome to !

      Black Friday did serious damage to the online poker world. People are now skittish about leaving large amount in someone else's possession.

      Once trust is broken, it takes a long, long time to rebuild.

      I just set a limit as to how much I'm willing to keep on a particular poker site or ewallet.

      If I ever reach any of the limits I'll just draw down to that limit periodically :D

    • conall88
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      Players should not keep their whole roll on a poker site. Use an e-wallet of some description (and also set yourself a maximum exposure limit. Any more and you withdraw back to your bank acct), at least this way your balance is significantly safer and you have more rights when things go wrong.
    • YohanN7
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      E-wallets can cause you trouble too, like confiscating money, something a real bank cannot in the civilized part of the world. Never had any trouble myself though.
    • kayceelee
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      Hi Thazar,

      I'm not sure what you mean by a partner site, but I signed up for free no deposit money on DAFAPOKER from this site.

      I'm not going to bother contacting support because its quite clear to me that its a scam because:

      1. Reason given for blocking my account: Your country is now a restricted country;

      2. There are other persons from my country still having active accounts.

      I guess I'm blocked out because I was smart enough not to deposit money and yet was making some money. :D

      Just to caution you guys about being careful with dubious sites where you can only lose money, but are not allowed to win money.


      Originally posted by thazar
      Hey kayceelee

      I am not aware of DAFA being a partner site with PokerStrategy. if it was contact support by creating a ticket ( go to help)
    • Lazza61
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      Hey guys,

      Just to clear up some confusion.

      DAFA has never been affiliated with the English community. However as they are Asian based, they were probably affiliated with one of our recently closed communities (possibly India or Korea).


    • CJGarcia
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      The top online poker sites ([Edited by VorplaF2F: Removed names of non-affiliated poker rooms.]) are going to be the safest. If you are unsure of a site, make sure that you research it first by reading unbiased reviews both from review sites and players themselves. I can recommend ([Edited by VorplaF2F: Removed link to competing site.]) as one of the sites where you can get honest reviews about the best online poker websites and rooms.
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      Hi, CJGarcia,

      I've edited out some portions of your post that don't comply with our forum principles.
      Here you can find an overview of our partners and the best online poker sites.