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      Originally posted by ChoChikun
      I need Face 3bet stats. I would like to know how many times(%) I am 3bet-ed on every position.

      Could someone help me with this?
      A stat is a measurement of actions divided by the number of opportunities to take that action, typically stats are designed to allow you to review a player, not what a player faces but since we can track the number of opportunities we can certainly make a custom stat for this if you visit our website and make that request in the Custom Stats, Reports and HUD Profiles forum where we discuss the creation of custom stats. Its very rare that a user asks us to help them create custom facing stats, but we can do this by using a combination of the Raise First In stat columns and the opportunities to 4Bet columns... its certainly feasible.

      "Facing" means you have the opportunity to take an action for example if you are facing a 3Bet then you have the opportunity to 4Bet. Therefore to review situations where you faced a 3Bet in reports we advise that you start with a positioning report, such as the Statistics > Overview > Group by Position report.
      Next click More Filters... and select Actions & Opportunities > Preflop > Preflop Opportunities > Reraise Opportunity > 4Bet (Facing 3Bet). Now click Add to Filter, and then select Save & Apply Filters. Now you are viewing a report of all hands where you were 3Bet and had the opportunity to 4Bet.

      You have one more option to consider without needing to create a custom stat - you can use the 4Bet stat's tooltip to track the total number of opportunities you had to 4Bet. The downside to this method is that it will not show you the percentage, only the opportunities you had.