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Zoom 8 Tables Profitable?

    • leo23s
      Joined: 25.05.2010 Posts: 4,586

      I am regular of 25 NL FR ZOOM. And i was wondering if it is profitable to play 8 tables ZOOM (4 FR AND 4 SH) or not.

      My maths are that i would get an average of 0,07VPP p/hand (0,063 FR 0,077 SH). And in 1 hour i can do 2k/hands. Playing 4 hours/ day would be 240k hands in a month.

      Playing 6 months (abril to september) would allow me to reach supernova status (100kvpps).

      Therefore i would exchange all that points (250.000= $4000 + $1050 from stellars= $5050). An average of getting $841 only from rakeback each month.

      Let say that i only wins a 2bb/100 that would be $1200= $2k per month and i reach the supernova status that if i continue playing this amount of hands per month rakeback would be $5600 instead of $4000.

      What do you think about it?

      I know that its better to study and improve in order to get to higher limits, but i am crazy or what?
  • 1 reply
      Joined: 30.12.2010 Posts: 3,107
      Hi leo,

      I never played this way, but when I tried it out yesterday. Played 1k hands and showed some profit of $50ish bucks, so 2bi's. Which, of course, doesn't mean anything after that small sample.

      In terms of playing experience, I would say it's playable, but pretty intense, so needs high level of concentration. This is mainly because of: 1. Many zoom tables- a lot of action
      2. Different ranges- FR vs SH with different playing styles (especially if you play SH pretty loose and/ or aggressive- you'll need to quickly adapt to nitty fr games and back to aggro mode in seconds which is pretty hard)

      Also, lastly, it will probably cause you being too tight generally on all 8 tables, I believe. However, I can imagine that 2Bb/100 is possible though, but can't give you advise whether to do it or not. You'll need to decide it yourself. :)

      Hope I helped,