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SweetChuck will here report some of his journeys gonzo style.
I never know when the SOB rings in his story's or if ever.

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Hunter S Thompson, Gonzo and Noah's ark

And today, in what must be described as groundbreaking news a local homeless man found Noah’s ark.

Apparently it had been hidden in a cave outside west Memphis Arkansas.

News reporters and religious leaders from all over the world are, in what must almost be described as a pilgrimage, flocking to this spectacle.

SweetChucks first post will be an old one so you get a taste of him and if you want the crazy bastard:

To all poker lovers :
SweetChuck, Gonzo poker and 2012-12-21

I had been on a grinding tour to Stockholm . One of those hellish trips you know.

Where everything from piss drunk soccer supporters on the train to punks who steal your drugs as soon as you land kills your desire and where not even a little time in the bar with the Pirate can turn the mind from the coldness the hysterically laughter of the ever so cold deck now have created.