• Kimst3r
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      there something happen to me yesterday , and it was not the first time !
      and i just find whats happen not logic ,

      i was playing Tournaments on table with 1 $ in Titanpoker
      and when i was playing i had 44 and the other had A7 and we both go all in
      and on the table came Q Q 9 9 and on the river come 5
      and he didnt hit any pair and he didnt make any flush he had just the A7 it means he had nothing or let me say i had the better hand
      because i already had a pair in my hand , but i dont know why i didnt win
      and he did , that happen with me 2 times , the first time when i start playing poker , i had also 33 against A5 or i cant remember and he didnt hit anything
      and in the end he won , that can happen or its not possible ?
      i mean its ok with happen with me or not ?
      for me i fond it not logic
      hope any one can answer me
      and tell me what that happen

      best regards ,
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    • cannell555
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      Hi Kimst3r,

      A poker hand is the best 5 cards.

      So you had 2 pair (QQ and 99), and a 5 kicker (next higher card).

      He had 2 pair (QQ and 99) and an Ace as his kicker.

      Which means he had the best 5 card hand. Therefore he wins.

      Best regards,
    • exorcism
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      A winning hand consists of the best possible 5 card combination between your pocket cards and the board. Since the board showed 2 pair, your lower pocket pair doesn't count anymore. But unfortunately, your opponent completes this 2 pair with an Ace kicker, so that's why he wins.