MSS in 6max cash game

    • highyeah
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      I read the articles about the MSS and SSS.

      i want to ask if MSS is profitable in 6max SH ?

      And should I apply the same strategy in FR or raising/3bet with a wider range

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    • HypnoMarsu
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      Yes, MSS is profitable on 6max tables.

      And no you should not apply the FR strategy when shorthanded.
      You would be WAY TOO TIGHT.

      If your starting out you should stick to FR because in 6max:
      1) You pay more rake per orbit which affects your win-rate on top of
      the high rake in the micros.
      2) You need to be good at adapting to dynamics pre-flop
      3) There will be more tough spots post-flop because people fight back more

      In fact there are two silver articles for SH MSS aimed for the micros, one for pre- the other for post-flop. You'll find them in Strategy -> No-limit Hold'em columns & quizzes. So grind FR until your silver and check them out if you still want to play 6max.