Lithuanian MTT starting from the micros!

    • raugas14
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      About me: 24y/o male from Lithuania, thats pretty much it :D

      Started playing poker few years ago with friends on Facebook, Zynga. After went on to play freerolls and pretty much withdrawing after winning some. I am used to playing small stakes mtt's but i feel i have bigger edge in 20$+ games then in micros :f_cool: i have withdrawed round 6-7k$ thought out the years (4k few weeks ago) since i needed money a lot. Now i can finally play poker again after few weeks (seemed like ages :D ) and i will try and build my roll from scratch 100$ playing on PS and FTP

      Will write my goals little latter because i am keen to play some tourneys!
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    • Lazza61
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      Hey raugas14,

      Welcome to the blogs. :)

      I remember how well you went in your challenges. Even though you lost your bets, you would have still made a tidy profit.

      Looking forward to hearing of crushing and FTs and ships.

      Good Luck