Custom Stats - Fixed Ranges by PreFlop actions not working with HUD position attribute

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      I am new to PokerTracker in general and of course to custom statistiques. I created a first custom popup that give me an approximation of the fixed range of an adversary in micro limites regarding his PreFlop action.

      Popup example of a 68/23 with 71 hands

      To generate this, I created new columns and statistiques. Here are what I created for the first line "Limp Call":

      Custom column: cnt_p_limp_call_rmax
      ( ( cnt_p_limp / cnt_p_limp_opp ) * ( cnt_p_limp_call / cnt_p_limp_faceraise ) ) 
      ( cnt_pfr / cnt_pfr_opp )

      Custom Statistique 'Preflop Limp Call Range', Format Type Expression:
      if( cnt_p_limp_call = 0, 
          format_number( ((cnt_pfr / cnt_pfr_opp) * 100), 0, false, false),  
          format_number(cnt_p_limp_call_rmax * 100, 0, false, false), 
          format_number( cnt_p_limp_call, 0, false, false) 

      In my custom Popup I display my statistique 3 times, the first time selecting "All positions" for the Position attribute, then "SB" and "BB". The stat stay the same regarding of the position (It's only considering all positions). I am guessing I need to format either my columns or my stats in a certain way to make them compatible with a Position filter. How can I do that?

      Thank you,
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      Hi pokHero -

      Happy to see that you are experimenting with custom stat creation, this is certainly one of the more powerful components of software. However I'm afraid I am going to have to ask you to visit the PokerTracker forums to discuss your custom stat formulas because we do not provide support for custom stats on third party websites due to the complexity of their nature. Please visit our website, then click Forums and select the Custom Stats, Reports and HUD Profiles subforum to make your post. That is the only location we can discuss stat formulas, sorry for that inconvenience.

      With that said, we think that you may have a misunderstanding in your approach on this topic. Fundamentally Stats are a measurement of frequency divided by opportunity to determine a range of frequency that this action has been, but that range cannot be mapped to a range of hands with any degree of accuracy.

      In the screen capture below helps to explain this concept. The player has a PFR of 34.81% over a small sample size of 2,040 hands. But look at the heat map... that is a 98.2% range of hands played. So although the Preflop Raise probability of occurring is 31%, this player can make that raise with almost any two cards - which means the probability does not correlate with the range.

      I know this is off topic from the reason you posted this thread, but I think this concept will be important for you to review as you work to develop your popup concepts - and it may save you some time because you may no longer need to create some custom stats.

      Good luck, and if you chose to post in our custom forum please let us know how to find the thread, thnx!