FPPs at micro stakes

    • Rowkilla
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      Hi everyone,
      Im new to stars so I dont know much about it, according to the site you need $0.40 rake to earn 1 FPP correct? Well Im playing NL10 and to get a $0.40 rake I need a $8.00 pot which seems kinda impossible at NL10.
      Does that mean Its really hard to earn FPPs at my limit? My bankroll doesnt allow me to move to a higher limit so am I stuck with 0 FPPs until I make enough money to move up?

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    • slikec
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      Indeed it sucks and yes is true.
    • gaz639
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      i had a quick stint at nl10 on stars a couple of months ago and although you do need £0.40 rake to get 1 point or whatever it is i can't remember i don't think it has to be in one pot, i think it adds on like it does on other platforms i got around 150 fpps playing nl10 and i don't remember getting any $8.00 pots playing sss, so like if you get 0.10 rake in 2 pots and 0.20 in one pot that will give you the 0.40 rake and your point. It does suck but you will get something out of it, just not much