GOLD loosing value

    • jimira
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      Normally I'm playing for GOLD to see the videos, but lately it seems as if it's not worth it anymore.

      In 2014 only 7 videos total. BUT, 3 were bubble strategy videos with basic stuff promoted to gold! So only 3 worth gold.

      Furthermore it would be nice to see something new and innovative - not Collin multitabling or rewieving his own play.

      If you're missing ideas, let your members contribute. Prices or freeroll for best ideas or anything to refreshing the videosection.
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    • VorpalF2F
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      Hi, jimira
      I moved this to "Feedback and Suggestions", since it is both.

      Here it is more likely to bee seen by the ninjas.

      I've left a link in GPD so other members can still find it.

      Thanks for the suggestions!
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      Hey jimira,

      Many thanks for your post. Any feedback is always greatly appreciated here at

      I have forwarded your post to our PokerSchool team and they will most likely get back to you very soon.

      Kind regards,