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DREAMC4T in life limbo. A full time player's final(?)push.

    • DREAMC4T
      Joined: 13.10.2009 Posts: 984
      Hey hey hey hey.

      I'm a 22 year old guy from Sweden. I've been playing poker full time for three-four years more or less. Started out as a MTT-grinder binking my way through life and as of 1st Feb 2012 I switched over to cash games. I've been playing almost exclusively on a small Swedish network called Svenska Spel, with just 2.5%rake and very soft competition. (It's only available for Swedish citizens)

      Five max no limit cash game on NL$150ish is how I've made my living at least the last year and a half, before that in my learning process I obviously played a little lower. I've made about $3-$4k a month which is a great salary for the relatively little effort I've put into it. I've never had a massive bankroll as I like to spend money; party's, travels, stuff (THAT I REALLY NEED), clothes, food, etc etc. I've studied some poker but in all fairness way to little. I've been relying on my strong suits which are value-betting and finding bluff spots, rather than the GTO-way of the game. In all honesty I don't even know the standard odds/outs of hold em, which is just ridiculous.

      Last months I've been quite bored though. Bored with life and bored with poker. I think it's time for me to soon do something else.

      I've always been a fan of planning and the "product" of the planning, but not such a big fan of the action taking in between those steps. This I obviously want to change. I've got tons of ideas, things I want to learn that I just don't get of my ass and do. Time for a change.

      I'm in between apartments since a couple of days ago until 1st of April. Grinding it out in my moms basement, like a true champ. I've put these weeks aside for me to think about what I'll do with my life. Logged out of Facebook, turned of my phone and told friends that I'll be unreachable until the 1st. And what I know so far is that I need and want money. A fat bankroll, once and for all. I've planned a meeting with a studying counselor, I'm going to apply to the military, it's good to have options available I think.

      I'm going to give poker one last shot, try to see if I can get motivated, find joy and stimulation and start crushing higher stakes. To do this I need to study and play, study and play. Also to live good, this I actually do except for one thing - alcohol. I consume in what tests/experts would say - a highly dangerous amount. So, I'm going cold turkey at least until 1st of April, then hopefully I feel so energized from being sober that I want to keep on going for a while longer. More on this topic when it arrives.

      So! Right now I'm ending a very bad losing streak I've been on for a week/two. It's over after this thread is started. Basta. I've even dropped a stake level and I'm now playing NL$75ish. Not for more than a few more days preferably.

      It became a lot of babble in this post. But meh - it's for my ventilation mostly I guess. I guess I'll do a TL;DR for you guys. Good luck to me.

      Swedish 22 year old full time player in life-limbo giving poker one last shot. In hope to get inspired to play the game with eager rather than on auto-pilot. Looking for what to do next in life. Taking a break from the outside world until 1st April. In loosing streak which ends now.

      - No alcohol
      - No contact with outside world (except for here)
      - Back to NL$150
      - Study the basic poker math once and for all
      - Walk+meditate every day
      - Workout and eat well (this I already do)
      - Find out what I want to do next in life, or at least get started with this topic
      - Focus on becoming more productive

      Here's my online cash game graph from 1st Feb 2012 to 1st Jan 2014:
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