9-man vs 6-man

    • Harrier88
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      I used to play 9-man SNGs exclusively before I made the change to cash games a while back. Now I'm considering going back to SNGs again.

      I have never really played any significant amount of 6-manners, but I'm wondering whether they could possibly be the right game for me, or at least a good alternative.

      Could you guys maybe tell me a little bit about the pros and cons of each format?

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    • mortal1ty
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      -more variance/action, litle theory to find on ps.com,
      +not that many strong regs,soft if u select tables.

      just personal opinion
    • pauln
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      9 man is easier to multitable and is probably easier to attain a decent ROI with average postflop skills.

      There are lots of regs if you play on pokerstars but most of the regs aren't amazing.

      I don't know what 6 max traffic is like on sites other than stars?