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    • Chiller3k
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      Hi KraziMobSter666,

      where did you get your "50 US$"?
      And what are "43 cnets"? I'm not sure what you mean... Is it a typo and you meant 43 cents?

      Best regards,
    • KraziMobSter666
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      No i meant I never received my 50 dollar bonus, and only got a deposit of 43 cents by pokerstrategy. It shows up in my history. Please help.
    • SoyCD
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      Hello KraziMobSter666,

      You should have received an ID check per E-mail which you never responded to. This is why the support has not yet completed the transfer process of the $50+$50 bonus.

      The 43 cents you received seem to be rakeback. We offer 27% rakeback on all accounts created through our bonus link. Since it seems like you have either self-deposited or won money through freerolls / received money per transfer and produced rake - you have received rakeback for it.

      In order to receive the bonus (as long as you have not yet deposited yourself since this would mean you would need to chose a different platform) - send your ID information to

      Best regards