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Donk betting, refering also to the Skodljivec-Video

    • MGF001
      Joined: 25.05.2007 Posts: 651
      Hi all,

      in this Video
      I learned something about donk bets.

      1. My Problem with donk bets is always, that you will build the pot, when you are OOP and this can lead to Trouble. What do you think about this?
      On the other Hand: When you have a Hand, which you would ch/c anyway and a Villain, who cbets a lot, you can donk anyway to learn a bit more about his Hand.

      2. Also a lot of types of Hands were donked in the Video (GS+BDFD, pure NFD, Top2, Monsternutdraw, Overpair, flopped FH)
      What Kind of hands would you ch/c? Only non-nut-Combo Hands?

      3. What about the Villains: Should you donk to Villains which cbet often with a very wide range to learn more about their Hand?
      And of course passive stations should be donked for value.

      I hope, we can discuss donk betting a bit here.

      Regards MGF
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    • PerusJamppa
      Joined: 18.01.2008 Posts: 2,714
      I think that i have some leaks in donking so discussion about this matter would be great. :f_thumbsup:

      In multiway pots i donk only with strong made hands or very strong draws. I believe that this is very basic line for every players?

      Imo heads-up pots are bit more complicated. In those situations it's really important to know the villain and his tendencies.

      First of all, i don't ~never donk with pure bluff. If villain is really weak-tight, imo there are some chances to make him fold his ~aces if flop is some rags, but it could also be a good idea just c-r those boards than donk. Of course you have to be sure that villain will actually fold those aces. Imo some 662/456/monotone -type of boards are really terrifying for the weak-tight player if they are getting some action. Otherwise i don't see any other reason why i would be donking with pure bluff.

      Guidelines for me to donk (if not for value) is:
      -I really can't c-c, but there are still fair number of good turn cards. GS+BDFD is good example of that.
      -I have folding equity.
      -I don't mind folding.

      For example i generally don't donk heads-up nutFD/top2. Of course if i have some reads on villain that i should do it, i naturally will do it.

      Maybe if the board is drawy and villain will often check back, i could donk top2. However, if he calls and some draw completes, we're once again realising why it sucks to be OOP. :tongue:

      Also with nutFD, could it be a good idea to just donk out for example on paired (662) board? If the villain raises and we assume that we're against trips, we're drawing almost dead. Also it sucks to c-c two (or maybe three if we get there) streets on board like this?
    • Skodljivec
      Joined: 17.12.2011 Posts: 5,709

      1) obviously that is the case. But a big % of people have high cbet frequencies. So if you donk and get called the pot is as big as if you'd check, and called a bet. With 1 big difference. The first play tells you something about villains hand, the second doesn't.

      2) c/c is obviously something you should implement in your range. But it's quite difficult to c/c profitably. In my case it probably depends more on the opponent then on my hand.

      3) is basically discussed in the above posts...

      If you have further questions feel free to ask :)