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have the feeling I am betting robbed, hidden costs? insane rake?

    • needagun
      Joined: 21.04.2011 Posts: 47
      hello I am a microstakes player (nl10), no i don't think online poker is rigged

      i don't play on partypoker much but I swear to god that after almost every winning session I check my account balance and I have less money than I should considering how much money I have spread on the tables, yes including the buy-ins I lost

      I also play short sessions and generally have a rough idea how much i lost non showdown, as well as the all-ins i lost, i don't use tracking software but i did at one point and my impression of how much i won or lost was always pretty accurate, i also have the (bad) habit of checking my account balance pretty often during sessions

      i generally play a lot on fulltilt and pokerstars, a lot more than party, and i NEVER had this feeling, only on partypoker it's like WHAT THE HELL where is my money, like for example i just played like a 10-15 minute session and had almost 3 buy-ins profit spread, having lost at most half a buyin from a starting stacks and having had nearly 200bb stacks most of the time, and after checking my balance my profit was like 1 buy-in

      there's just no way i lost 2 buyins in this session, it was really short and i remember almost every pot and i lost half a buyin at most, and this happens nearly every time

      do they have some insane (really insane) rake for chopped pots or some other hidden cost? is it just some stupid feeling? their software is also buggy as hell and things don't load most of the time when i click on cashier or my account etc.
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