Is this all-in illegal?

    • bendanish
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      I encountered this situation last night at a Texas Hold'em no-limit freezout tournament last night.

      UTG bets 2 BBs.
      UTG+1 goes all in with 2.1 BBs.
      Button call the all-in of 2.1 BBs.

      UTG then goes all-in instead of just calling the remaing 0.1 BB. Claims that a player can go all-in even to a less-than-minimum raise. That essentially a player has always the option of going all-in in a no-limit game.

      It seems that UTG is not allowed to raise it to 6BBs but he can go all-in, even if he has 60 BBs. Is that correct? Does it make sense?

      Thanks in advance for the input.
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    • ThatGuyMatt
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      UTG+1 hasn't made the bet large enough to re-open the betting for UTG. The button player or anyone else after them can raise as much as they please, if they do, then to betting would then be re-opened for UTG.

      The raise needs to be the difference between the last bet, if this doesn't happen then it's treated as a call.

      This is how it's happened every time I play :)

      Where was this? Online, Casino, Home Game?

      I found some rules from the GUKPT

      "“Under raises” are ONLY permitted if a player is going all in-

      Note: All in under raises do not reactivate the betting for players who have already acted"
    • bendanish
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      Thanks for the link and the clarification.

      It was a home game and was solved without angry words!