Texas Hold'em Rule Book

    • Bishboy
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      I'm looking for the definitive rulebook on Texas Hold 'em.

      In depth and by some sort of governing body together with the history of how these variants came about.

      So any book/PDF links or websites would be great.

      Not just Texas Hold'em either all variants if possible
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    • YohanN7
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      Your best option is to Google for it. But there is no "definite" book. The ultimate rules are the "house rules", provided by the casino or online site. In live poker there can be a variety of rules against "string betting", "taking action out of turn" may be dealt with differently, even answering the phone may or may not be an auto-fold.
    • Bishboy
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      Ok thanks I take it if the individual poker clients have different variants like Rush poker that would just be there own rules.

      So If asked for would the poker client offer there own rules within there terms & conditions? If so would they be able to tell me where they got there rules for the standard poker variants played by all clients, like No Limit Texas Hold'em and others?
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      Hi, Bishboy,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy.com !

      As a basic member, I'm pretty sure that this article is available to you:

      There is a wealth of material in the basic section.

      Check out the rest of the site, too -- especially the free poker money

      Also, check this out:

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