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Win a free coaching session with our Easter Grind competition!

    • JoshLogan
      Joined: 24.07.2013 Posts: 1,648

      Grinders and gamblers, the blogging bedlam is back!

      Having been spoilt by the success of the November Marathon last year, we want you to inspire us again.
      Start up your blogs in April and show us what you can achieve in a battle hardened month spent grinding the virtual felt.

      The top grinder in each discipline (cash games, SNG's) will be rewarded with one hour of private coaching from one of our mentoring maestros.

      Note: If you already have a blog in our Successes and Challenges forum, simply change the subject line of your thread to "Easter Grind" and note the point at which you started the challenge to be eligible.

      How do I take part in the Easter Grind?

      1. Start your blog in our Successes and Challenges forum. Make sure to include "Easter Grind" and your username in the title.

      2. Update your blog 3x per week, including proof of volume.

      3. All results will be verified by - no cheating!

      The rules

      • The promotion will run from April 01-30
      • There are no status restrictions - anyone can take part!
      • You can play on any poker room (except bwin rooms)
      • Your accounts do not need to be tracked by
      • Threads must be created in the dedicated Successes and Challenges forum and titled "Easter Grind"
      • You must update your threads regularly - at least 3 times a week
      • You should exhibit the room you'll be playing on and your nickname in your opening post
      • Screenshots should be published wherever possible to showcase your documented progress
      • You can play any game type (NL, FL, PLO...) as long as you're playing cash games or SNG's - MTT's are not included in the promotion
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    • tonypmm
      Joined: 11.01.2009 Posts: 4,831
      Do I take it right that the top grinder is the one who plays the most hands / games, not the one who pays the most rake, and therefore screenshots should prove the number of hands / games? The iPoker client does display the number of hands, but in total, not specifically for cash. Unless the accounts are tracked to you or you require us to have SideKick installed and running while playing, I'm afraid you won't be able to verify the hand / game count reliably. (Or do you have Photoshop specialists to detect fake graphs?)
      Joined: 30.12.2010 Posts: 3,107
      You're right Tony,

      it's very simple, whoever plays most hands in cash discipline and games in sng's discipline wins. No other things count.

      Also, our experts in different fields will make cheating pretty imppssoble, so it's not worthed to even try. :)

      Let's have fun, and start the race in few days,

      Gogoggogogogogo :)

    • tonypmm
      Joined: 11.01.2009 Posts: 4,831
      From ghaleon's blog:

      That is extremely weird ruling I have to say... Playing 10k hypers in month is not that enormous, but making same in turbos would be crazy. Quite lame campaign if that is really the case :f_o:

      Fair enough.
    • TJtheTJ
      Joined: 12.10.2011 Posts: 6,587
      This starts today guys, so for the best shot at winnings this it's best to start as soon as possible :)