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How much f*cking crap i had to eat :(

    • slikec
      Joined: 04.02.2008 Posts: 1,155
      Just unbelivable how much favourite hands i lost today at FTP :( 50$ went from my bankroll like that and if there would be at least a bit justice i should have at least +15$.

      I know this was coinflip lol still ;(

      Retarded hand i must say. Madis very limp first in blowup raises to 2$ i raise to 7,75$(was pot limit table) and roubik calls. so ofcourse blowup will call. On this perfect flop r*tard roubik check after blowup check to him??? Wtf is he thinking? this is the best flop ever for his 88(ok getting set would be better ofcourse) and he checks behind. Eh just stupid waste of 11$ again ;(

      Well sh!t happens again ofcourse!

      You get KK at BB all happy than see another bullsh!t

      Well he gets one of his 4 outs ;(

      I mean i got bad beats before but today i won only one hands when i was big favorite and lost 4. I mean so much crap i didn't eat so far in so short time(1hour).

      Sick sick sick ;(

      Wish you more luck ;) ,

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