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Facing a raise from a weak player

    • vaulsc
      Joined: 28.06.2012 Posts: 124
      I've generally made a profit from low-stakes poker, whether it is micro-cash or micro-Sitn'go's, or live pub/tournament/casino games where there are a lot of fish. But I want to discuss an issue that I've had lately where a leak appears in my own game due to choosing the wrong strategy for dealing with 'worse' players.

      Quite often I get onto a table where I see people limp then call a raise, then fold on the flop or turn after missing. I see the same players chasing draws and losing pots, or sizing their bets terribly, as far as the hand is concerned.

      Given that these players are making bad calls, I guess I subconsciously began to assume that they were making bad raises as well, but if I'd thought about this more, it wouldn't make sense to just decide that bad players have no reasonable raising range. In fact, it should be more obvious that a bad player is on a good hand, if they raise.

      I know this is very vague without specific hand examples, but how often are you behind if you make top pair and a seemingly weak player check-raises or just raises in position on the flop, if it is a relatively dry board? I know that good players sometimes do this as a semi-bluff or with air, but should you be more inclined to believe a weaker player?

      And if there is a flush or straight draw on the board, isn't it generally true that a weaker player will try to see the next card cheaply, instead of raising with a draw? It's a hard question for me to answer at the moment, but due to some bad results recently I'm feeling like it would be safer to resort to more basic, ABC poker when on weaker, passive tables.

      Any advice from more experienced players? Do you generally stay in the hand with top pair against a raise? I would be interested to hear some examples of situations where you want to get more involved in the hand due to various position/board/read considerations vs folding.
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    • EsoE84s
      Joined: 18.03.2014 Posts: 8
      Im having the same problem in my own game. Im constantly paying fish off, assuming that theyre playing with a weaker top pair and they think theyre good with it, I pay off a lot of crappy 2 pairs, gutshots, and even sets.

      In hindsight its so obvious they had me beat, but its so hard to get away from the hand when you have AQ and flop is 56Q rainbow, turn is 8 and you get check raised (Villian ofc shows 68s)