English blog - Can I do it?

    • Wee21Man
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      Hi guys, my name is Mattia and I'm 22 years old.
      I'm living in Dublin to learn some English and to find a new life here.
      One of the best thing I can do to improve my English is write this blog and start to read the English forum.
      Sorry for my hundred mistake :D


      I started to play poker in August 2013 and I played NL2 until December.
      In January I started NL5 with 150€ and I arrived to NL10 and build a bankroll of 1,2K.
      But I take 300€ to start MTT so now I have 900€ for cash game.
      At the end of 2014 I want play NL50 steadily.

      MTT / SNG

      I decided to move 300€ to Pokerstars.com and start a new adventure because my routine of cash game make me tired and I want learn new skills.
      I played 3 MTT night with ABI 1,7 but I'm not sure my bankroll is enough for MTT.
      At the end of 2014 I want to play MTT with ABI 10

      Thanks to all the people that will follow me in my poker carrer.
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    • lkdr9494
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      Nice, I'll be following.
      Do you play short-handed or full-ring? Regular or fast-fold games?
      Best of luck mate improving your poker and english skills :f_biggrin:
    • Wee21Man
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      I'm playing only 6-max (I don't like FR).
      I tried to play some fast-fold games but I have to study a lot because that game is more different than normal.
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      Hi Mattia,

      you are on the right place,

      here you can learn a lot about all different formats, including fast fold SH game; we have a lot of great coaches in this field.

      Also, looking forward to follow your progress,

      Best of luck,
    • Wee21Man
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      In this days I'm playing NL10 normal 5max (in Italy there is a poker room with a lot of fish and 5max tables)
      I'm not very satisfied of my game but I'm also studiyng some articles and videos so I hope to improve my game every day.
      This evening is MTT evening so I prey to win some money :D
    • Wee21Man
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      I was little confused about my poker life so I decided to bring order.
      I quitted .it and I'm moving my bankroll on Skrill to stars a new adventure, I'm going to move all my bankroll on WilliamHill.com and I will start to play NL10 6-max.
      Now I have part of my bankroll in other 2 room where I have play to take out some bonus.
      I choosed WilliamHill because I is track with pokerstrategy.com and because I will start to use sidekick.
      I will start this adventure in about 2-3 weeks so probably this month I'm going to lose my gold status.