Can Micro stakes be Beat?

    • EsoE84s
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      I know no one wants to hear another bad beat sob story bla bla, but Im feeling the need to vent a bit.

      Im currently trying to build a bankroll, I have a fairly TAG style, but I do mix it up enough to keep my opponents guessing.

      I focus on playing IN POSITION with strong holdings, I fold the vast majority of my blinds, and am VERY selective UtG and EP (6max tables).

      My point is, Im having a very difficult time showing a profit. I isolate weak limpers, play almost every pot with initiative, and am generally playing with strong holdings, BUT it feels like recently either 1) I totally miss very wet flops making cbetting against calling stations pointless or 2) I hit the flop and get no action or 3) I hit the flop, but get turned/rivered by much weaker holdings (even though Ive bet each street strongly to protect myself from exactly these sorts of things).

      I really want to make online poker work as a part-time way of earning some cash, and I know I have the skills to do it, but my last several sessions have really put me on tilt (hence my writing here and not playing more).

      Any words of wisdom/encouragement from people who have been in my situation and somehow actually made it out of micro stakes play?
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    • lkdr9494
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      I think we've all felt like that some time. Do you have tracking software? HoldemManager2 or PokerTracker4? I think that's the best way to see where the leaks are. To review your sessions, see the X hands where you lost more and see if it was just unlucky or you made a mistake.
      I'm currently playing NL5, started with $20 playing NL2 and now I have $220. I've had mostly good days and a couple of horrible horrible days, I review my sessions and see if I was unlucky I shake it off, if I made mistakes I accept it,
      "How I realised that?" and shake it off.

      If you want help knowing what you are doing wrong you have to share more mate. Take care
    • DecMate
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      Yeah, how many hands have you played in total?

      I've played 120k hands break-even on NL10, you just have to keep ploughing through the pain.
      And also you need to know where you're going wrong. I recommend getting a coach. You go around in circles if you don't analyse your own game effectively.
    • Veini
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      Do not give up your blinds easily! The most important thing in 6max poker is stealing the blinds/defendind them. It is not about the big pots. The small ones play a much bigger role!

      Start by: stealing with 50% from the button and defending 50% of hands from the bb to a 2x button open. Vs smallblind 3xopen defend also alot by 3betting hands you dont think you can play better postflop then -100bb/100 by calling (remember by folding the bb you lose -100bb/100hands. Many microstsakes players dont know this)

      Flop: cbet alot of bluffs in dry texture like k64r or AK5r use a 1/2pot sizing. Use with valuehands also. This sizing allows you to bluff more.

      Cbet a made hands and draws esp 2overs and gutshot/backdoorflushdraw etc on wet boards like Ts9s4h and as you dont have so many bluffs with 0equity and you have alot of made hands use a sizing of 3/4pot.

      Turn: barrelll cards that give you equity/ are bigger then the flop second pair example K56r turn Q barrell with air if turn is a brick say bottom card pairs dont bluff without equity.

      River: when choosing to 3barrell use boards where villian has a draw+medium pair. This is a good spot to 3barrell him of the semiweak made hand.
      Example: you are mp villian is bb.

      Hand: As5s

      Flop: Ts9h4s. cbet 2/3pot or 3/4pot
      Turn: turn Qc barrell 2/3pot (altough it helps villians range you have equity/ it makes 9x tx medium pairs)
      River: 5c bet again to make Tx with draw 9x maybe even QJ to fold etc.

      Most importantly: steal alot/defend vs steal alot. Try to find autoprofit stealspots vs tight players. Improve youre hand readind skills and grind a ton.
    • EsoE84s
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      Thanks for the replies guys! I do have PokerTracker, and basically the massive whole in my game right now is paying people off on their made hands with slightly worse holdings of my own. Stuff like TPTK vs turned 2P, or even paying off peoples sets. Im starting to make better folds, but its still a glaring leak in my game. I already fixed the leak of calling too many PFRs with speculative holdings, and raising EP with stuff like ATo, but obviously theres still work to be done.

      Basically I need to remember to not be results oriented, rather did I make the correct decision?

      Thankfully my first deposit bonus is keeping me afloat while I work on these holes in my game :)
    • Galjot
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      How to defend against steal? It's kinda hard to know which hands to call and which to 3bet.
    • stukkrapoel
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      First of all: Start realizing you don't have the skills to make it a part time job. You cant beat the penny stakes at this moment. So: Learn, learn and learn and post hands here in the forums.

      Further on I give a +1 to Veini: Maybe you are just playing too tight? But I wouldnt probably go that far to defend 50% vs min opens because you're probably not good enough post flop for defending this wide.
    • DecMate
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      Originally posted by EsoE84s
      I already fixed the leak of calling too many PFRs with speculative holdings, and raising EP with stuff like ATo, but obviously theres still work to be done.
      I play like AQ+ 66+ UTG and widen up a little from each position. And occasionally throw in a suited connector such as 910.

      Theres nothing wrong with playing speculative hands, just make sure your not calling them in MP. If you call them, call in late position and have 2+ people already in the pot, that way your definitely getting value and there's less chance of you getting 3bet.
    • KingKas
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      I recently started playing NL2 on Pokerstars. Before I played on another website, but my account has some issues so I needed to play Pokerstars. Anyway, I had 4$ left and I am at about 16$ right now. With about 50BB/100 Hands. Yes, not accurate with that little in hands, but I am under my All-in eV. So it is beatable, but the biggest leak of all (which I found in myself too) is that you try to play like you see it on TV.

      Although I thought it doesn't affect me, it did. You say you play TAG-Style, but I doubt, you really know what it means. Tighten your range, play ABC Poker. You can play obvious in the micros, as long as you play correct. By the means, do not slowplay, do not bluff (except if you have stats, and you know how to use them).

      After you finished doing that, you can start thinking about mixing up your style. You will not get exploited in the micro stakes, if you play properly. That's why micros are beatable, because people exploit themselves more than any others.
    • booomm
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      Originally posted by EsoE84s

      I focus on playing IN POSITION with strong holdings, I fold the vast majority of my blinds, and am VERY selective UtG and EP (6max tables).
      that is very, very bad. you should defend your blinds much more.

      just post a screenshot of your pre/post stats, along with positional stats (winrate, Raise First In, wtsd etc ... by position) and I'm sure some people could help you. you prob just have leaks you aren't aware of (ie: you think folding most of your blinds is a good thing, while it isn't)
    • Harrier88
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      I agree with booomm. Btw, open raising with AT UTG is not necessarily a mistake in 6-max either, and calling with speculative hands is usually correct as well, as long as you have position and implied odds.

      Could it be that you're using a FR strategy on SH tables? The old poker mantra of "tight is right" only applies to a certain degree in 6-max.
    • bennisboy
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      definitely take a look at Weazel's 6max thread in the general poker forum.

      Watch his videos so far, and use his ranges. I thought I was playing TAG pre-flop, but I wasn't. I was playing hands I thought were strong, when in reality they weren't all that. Even though pre and post using his ranges, my VPIP and PFR were similar, the actual hands played seem vastly different