My name is Filip and i'm currently a student. I'm looking for someone who will be my poker mentor. Generally, coaching for profit where I will get coaching, support and guidance through poker world. I started playing real money poker two years ago on Poker Stars when I won 5$ from some big freeroll. I'm not one of the guys who ran it up from there(lost it after 2 days) :D

In summer 2012 I purchased some video series about HUSNG's and started playing from bottom(1$ buy in). Although, I played well I wasn't satisfied with progress of my bankroll and got bored by HUSNG's. Here's my graph(red line is EV line):

After that I tried almost everything. I tried NLHE and was staked for it, but the guys who staked me stopped coaching me and i wasn't satisfied playing and sharing my profits with them not getting anything back. So, I tried NLHE on my own but then I had to withdraw my funds for colleague.

Few months ago I purchased another video pack, this time for PLO. The game looked really exciting. I always liked stuff that's more complicated and where you must use your brain a lot.

In the meantime I played some tourneys on Pokerstars and tried CAP games for a bit. I had close to 1k in my account thanks to some tourneys but lost a lot on CAP and bought few video packs.

Now I'm looking for someone who will guide me through PLO 6max becouse I liked it the most. Plus, I now have a lot of material to study this game. Not sure if anyone wants to do that with micro-stakes player, but it's worth to try :D If anyone interested feel free to reply or PM me :)

P.S. not sure if it's right place to post something like that