Coolers induce killing intent

    • Berzerger
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      The whole day, from the first till the last hand of the session today, EVERY single hand I got was beaten by a better hand. I raised or re-raised with TT five times, and FIVE TIMES in 20 minutes I got beaten by a bigger pair, four of which were aces. I've had seven flips with overcards, ALL of which I lost against a low pair. All 7. A SNG I played just a minute ago made me doubt the randomness of iPoker card generators: I get QQ, raise, get 4 callers and after I flop trips and push my opponent simply rivers out a full house with AQ. The very next hand I get AK and push with what's left of my stack, only to be called by KK. And RIGHT now I busted out of another SNG where my AK got called by QT, and surprise surprise, he catches a straight. How... the hell... is this possible? Out of some 400 hands I played today (including folded ones) I've won three. THREE HANDS! Right now my entire bankroll is $10, that's all I have left. And I haven't managed to suck out even once... Where's the math? Where's probability? Don't tell me this is normal, I've had variance, but this is going way over the top. Right now I seriously feel like punching through someone's skull, this is just too frustrating. I try my best, follow SSS strictly, and I get rewarded by monetary losses and donks occasionally typing "lol thanks :p". I ended the session, but that doesn't take the frustration away, and certainly doesn't bring back the losses. Anyone who knows how to cope with such condition? Thanks in advance...
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      Hello my friend, I've just been through exactly what happened to you.

      My initial $50 BR allocated to SSS eroded away to $9.50 last week. Was gutted & frustrated, but the best thing I did was to walk away, take 2 days break (maybe try a freeroll or two, or just take a break from poker altogether).

      I returned to the sss strategy yesterday with a clear mind, patience and a belief in both the strategy and myself.

      Last 2 days = +$11.70, bringing BR back up to $21.20 Still a way to go, but much better balance and confidence has returned. :D

      Don't want to sound too much like a teacher, but keep re-reading the strategy guides. I've read them something like 6 times now and had missed/ or mis interpruted one or two aspects.

      Above you, you can do it, we all have absolute faith in you, stick at it & good luck !

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      had the same issue. brought my bankroll down to 10.. now i am back up to 45 in 1 day

      i think you have to attribute your losses to maybe bad play as well as bad luck, that is what i had to cencede for mine. i gave it some thought, its pretty unlikely that the card engine is disfavouring you. just bad luck

      although i yet have to strike lucky when outplayed which is so frustrating all these donks crack my AA and i cant seem to get lucky when im down...

      but at the end of the day, it is maths, statistics and if you play it right you will make money

      (that all came from my high horse lol)
    • Dragar
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      Ok with your TT, this is pretty normal.

      I had lots of JJ, TT, QQ and stuff beaten by A. But then again for me it just cost around 40 cents to 1$ when it happens and not 2$ since I am BSS.

      But still.. managed to loose close to 50$ in a span of 18 hours. 10$ AA vs my KA (get K on the flop and even know that he might have me beat because of pre-flop still, but of course I don't want to listen to that)
      20$ because someone flops a straight and I am too frustrated to see and move all in with my top pair (do this same mistake twice in a row... at least I know how to spot it now).
      20$ because god knows what.
      Then noone ever calls my AA, or KK. My straights don't make money.. and I accidently raise wrongly against someone's full house while I have a bigger full house. Could have made 10-20$ in that hand, instead only made like 3$ :(
      Also my flopped quads completly get destroyed money wise because the river gives a runner runner flush (4 spades on the board) and hence I can't milk any money out of the quads since everyone folds.

      Just now played for 1 hour.. 14$ up again. But twice someone managed to river trips against my way superior hand (floped 2 pair vs his top pair and he has no clue) and I have to fold my hand on the river.

      All that you described is pretty normal. Its just variance. Remember not to tilt. I lost the 20$ against straights today because I played for like 2 hours without making any proper money because the cards were so crappy or someone always manages to have a higher pair (either that or really good bluffer which I doubt) and hence I pushed wrongly.
    • davidangel
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      My thoughts...
      Solutions always require inner-honesty... ask yourself "am I on tilt?" if you answer yes, then quit poker until such time as you answer no. (or play freeroll/playchip on tilt, play LAG, play maniac, whatever, I think this solution works for some players)
      If you answer no then keep playing. You call it a downswing and keep playing until the upswing occurs, and if your whole roll disappears... so what? Maybe its not for you, would be an easy way to quit huh? Maybe if you deposit some of your own "hard earned" money something might change? If you had no bankroll the only thing left for you to do would be to study stategy and post your past hands you lost money on and then play freerolls.... is that sounding boring?
      Quote by you:
      "Anyone who knows how to cope with such condition? Thanks in advance... "
      My personal solution to crazy (seeming) downswings is that I have 2 accounts, my main account has the PS bankroll, studying and playing at comfort limits, slowly building up. IF I take note that I am playing poorly, or am upset about a certain hand, or I keep going back to a hand in my head and can't concentrate on the current hand I stop playing and logout. Period. And I do not lie to myself if I am upset. Period. Then I log into the freeroll account and have some fun. I either try to out-donk the donks in a freeroll and win some $$$, or I use whatever $$$ I have earned thus far and play PS strategy, albeit with poor or no BRM. After a good sleep I try the main account again and take note if anything has changed. I also re-read psychology articles each time this happens. I have also read many psychology and self-help books, and they all say basically the same thing, that your state of mind affects your percieved environment, and thus it is important to have a happy state of mind, as this will bring happy results all around you. In contrast, the typical "angry" person contantly has seeming bad things happen to them, and thus are seemingly "justified" in why they are upset. Hope this helps you.
      "punching a hole in someones head" because you lost a poker game is quite childish, and will only earn you more bad beats (karmically speaking)
    • Berzerger
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      Thanks for the replies. I've calmed down again and looked back at yesterday's hands, but haven't really found any serious mistakes except pushing with AK once, but considering the limit and the fact that I got called by 66 doesn't make it all that disastrous. But I was really on tilt at the moment I ended the session, steamy mad from all the coolers. Now I guess I'll just call it bad luck and move on, after all I can't control how the cards fall. Maybe today things get better.

      Reading other people's stories I realize that my losses are rather small, for example when pro's have a downswing they lose more than I make in a year. But it's not just the money, it's the idea of making the right choice and get punished for it, especially when it happens many times in a row. But, as some psychology article said, "if you can't handle it, maybe poker isn't your game."

      @davidangel: I know that's childish, after all it's just a game (albeit an expensive one), but when you feel frustrated you just say stuff like that to lose some anger. I'd never kill someone over a few dollars he took from me...
    • davidangel
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      Originally posted by Berzerger

      @davidangel: I know that's childish, after all it's just a game (albeit an expensive one), but when you feel frustrated you just say stuff like that to lose some anger. I'd never kill someone over a few dollars he took from me...
      mhmm. So in this statement you are correlating your anger "frustrated" and money "expensive". Is that true?

      Try thinking in terms of big blinds (BBs), buy-ins (BIs) and tokens. If you view your poker carreer as one loooooooooong game, the only thing that matters is when you cash out some or all tokens that you are satisfied, according to your needs/lifestyle etc when the tokens are translated into whatever passes for $$$ where you live. You play a +EV game, that is all you can do. Like you said, you can't control the cards.