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      Hi TTR,

      I moved your thread to our "Poker Tools" forum area. Moreover, we don't allow sharing contact information publicly, so please exchange your skype and/or email address with interested users via our community tool. Hope you understand.

      Kind regards,
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      Alright, I will try to contact them via comments or they can also add me and send me a message though. Anyway sorry for sharing my info, did not know it as well as I did now know it's not suitable with General Discussion forum. As I wanted this to be seen by most of the people as I created this program to help as many people as possible.

      This part of forum is not visited that much so I would very appreciate if this thread could move back to General Discussion forum.

      Thank You.
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      thanks a lot for this tool. Its awesome and really helps me during session aka no more printed papers with ranges etc. :s_thumbsup:

      @ all - I used the personal customization and can only recommend.

      Good job!
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      Hi, TTR153167832

      I had a look -- well done!

      I had done something similar using hotkeys to display screen shots of ranges, but this is far superior.

      I would really like to be able to edit the ranges, since these are tighter in some spots than I play, and somewhat looser in others.

      Also, what limit is this intended to target?

      It seems somewhat loose for beginners, so I'm guessing NL10 - NL50 or so.

      I also edited your opening post to describe exactly which link on the page to click. It took me 3 tries to get the right one.

      Again -- good job!
    • metza
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      One problem is raise size is not always the same.

      Might be good to say what raise sizes you've assumed for each position.
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      Hi, TTR153167832

      I admire your hard work, however, there are channels we must go through before we can allow sale of this product in our community.

      I will add you on our community tool so we can get this set up.

      Kind regards,