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Skyrocketing productivity. MTT player.

    • Kapurs
      Joined: 10.04.2014 Posts: 78

      I will start my blog and try update it regularly.
      Recently bought Skyrocket Your Productivity from Schnitzelfisch
      Skyrocket Your Productivity Video Workshop: Fix the #1 mistake that is keeping you from success
      Got free 1 on 1 couching with him what will use later on.

      Ok, about results. I have been playing poker for some longer time but only this year i am under stake and regularly getting couching sessions and results is not that bad.

      Results this year so far:

      Overall before getting under stake had been playing 9man, heads up sng with profit of around 2400 usd.
      Now focusing on 180man/mtt, to lower some variance playing some 9man still. Playing and analyzing some cash games to increase postflop skill level.

      Short-term targets:

      [ ]Increase volume to minimum 1000 games per month. (No actual anymore)
      [x]Get more focused on trying maximize ev on every spot i play not do automatic standard plays.
      [ ]Watch all Schnitzelfisch learning to learn video series.
      [ ]Read 7 habits of highly effective people

      Longer-term targets:
      [ ]Create systems for more effective studying/playing/time management, Analyze RescueTime data.
      [x]Watch pokerstrategy/runitonce videos regularly. (Focusing more on books now)
      [x]Get personal couches do group and 1on1 reviews more often. (No actual anymore)
      [ ]Start play some live events.

      Long-term targets:
      [ ]Get motivated/hard working people around me. Get not motivated/lazy people out of my live.
      [ ]Be better player and person then now.
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      Joined: 30.12.2010 Posts: 3,107
      Hi Kapurs,

      Really nice intro,

      Nice and organized goals,

      Looking forward to read more from you about studying process and hopefully many nice MTT scores :)

      Best of luck,
    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 11,079
      Hey Kapurs,

      Welcome to :)

      Now combining your 'Introduce me' post with your first post in your blog must be as productive as it gets. Like killing two birds with one stone.

      Speaking of productive, not much is more productive than checking out our free poker money.

      Keep us updated

    • Kapurs
      Joined: 10.04.2014 Posts: 78
      Thanks for welcoming.

      Just ended session.

      I am happy with volume, it might be better but was doing some other things today what not doing usually.
      I am very happy about focus on tables from 1st table till last table, had been struggling with it because had no motivation.
      I feel i made overall good reasoned decisions, it great i did not do automatic moves. Enjoyed playing lot more now when was able after deciding what is standard play in spot think about if there is potentially more positive +Ev non standard play for specific spot. Tagged more hands then usually and i feel i was not that much results oriented as i am usually.
      Deleted all bookmarks to free bookmark bar for more important things like notes and excel files for planning.
      Added Learning to learn video series to study materials excel file so i have no excuses to not watch them when i have time.
      Still have potentially 2 couching sessions with different couches. Definitely will push couches more often do review with me, it small stable with 5-10 people in it so it not couches have 1 hour weakly free or similar like some huge stables.

      Tomorrow will try get more volume in and have to plan some activity for more recovering breaks. For now i am doing nothing on breaks, just checking some website or just sitting.
      Have to get more planned and productive sport activity's. Will look up YouTube some videos about it, let me know if someone can share any good videos on this topic.

      Also will start use energy tracking excel file to be able long-term recognize what things take most energy and what recover most energy.

      Profit is 574$ for day mainly from 180man 3.50r/a win.
    • Kapurs
      Joined: 10.04.2014 Posts: 78
      Got 1 personal couch studying session yesterday. Will try induce group review with my hh today so things stay going.

      Getting started with energy tracking.

      Planning do studying till 10-11am and then start play for 5-6 hours hopefully.
      Having review with another friend at about 9 pm.

      Will try do some sport activity during 5 min beaks.
    • Kapurs
      Joined: 10.04.2014 Posts: 78
      Session went longer then expected because was getting deep in some slow mtt. But overall i am very happy about today play and breaks where was able recover doing some sport activity, drinking water and eating some healthy food.

      Here is today energy tracking table.

      Today profit is 721$ mostly from 4th place in 6max mtt for about 450$ and regular speed 8max mtt won for 300$

      Felt like jerk in this spot saying it with 1st place getting just 300$ and 2nd around 225$, probably needed just say no.
      What you guys think? We are sitting on 800k+ stack and saying want more then chipev.

      Also i think i am not enough 3bet/4betting light sometimes, need start loosen up some spots because people will really not adjust 4betting lighter much imo. Will try focus little more on it tomorrow.

      Will take some time free and maybe will post some updates later.
    • Kapurs
      Joined: 10.04.2014 Posts: 78
      Today planning to:

      Do some work on creating focus drilling masterlist
      More about on:

      Additional to runitonce account got account on tournamentpokeredge and some advice on good video series from Andrew Brokos, if will have some time will try watch some recommended videos.

      Review yesterday tagged hands.

      Review some hh with poker friends.

      Playing 5+ hours


      Overall i feel very good about :
      My routine
      My eating habits
      People i am talking with about poker and life

      Will talk less with people who not respect other players calling them fishes or idiots after they make bad play. I feel this very popular habit for poker community and is killing it.
    • Kapurs
      Joined: 10.04.2014 Posts: 78
      Must love NijeVaznoKoSam forum signature:

      by metza: ...Generally, we don't know what the pot odds are, but we know they're there and so we have to call......
    • Kapurs
      Joined: 10.04.2014 Posts: 78
      Worked today on preflop focus masterlist, done for raising first in, limping first in, calling raise, calling 3bet, 4betting. Not done for calling 4bet and 5betting. Will do it some later when continuing list.
      Probably is things what i have missed or mistakenly wrote in. But here it goes...

      1. preflop before taking action
      1.1 Our position
      1.2 Opponent positions
      1.3 How much players have to left after
      1.4 How much players is involved
      1.5 Our stack size and table image
      1.6 Other stack sizes and table images
      1.7 Our effective stack versus each player
      1.8 Our stack playability
      1.9 If we are first to act and we raise what sizing we choose and why
      1.10 if we are first to act and we limp, what is reason for it
      1.11 Before we raise first in:
      1.11.1 What is each player after 3bet range
      1.11.2 What we do versus each player 3bet
      1.11.3 What we do to different 3bet sizing for each player
      1.11.4 What we do if someone 3bet and someone call
      1.11.5 What we do if someone 3bet and someone 4bet
      1.11.6 What spr will be when someone call
      1.11.7 What spr will be if we call 3bet
      1.11.8 What spr will be if we 4bet and he call
      1.11.9 Our presented hands range
      1.12 If someone is limped before:
      1.12.1 What is limper range for doing it
      1.12.2 Is range only weaker side of his range or...
      1.12.3 Are this player sometimes trapping with nut hands there
      1.12.4 What will be most likely scenario happening if i limp belong
      1.12.5 Will this limper(s) just call/call pre and fold to flop cbet
      1.12.6 Will this limper(s) fold pre after limp
      1.12.7 What will be spr if limper(s) call
      1.12.8 Our presented hands range
      1.13 Before we limp first in
      1.13.1 What is most likely opponents reaction after us
      1.13.2 What is most likely scenario happening post flop
      1.13.3 What is our main reason to open limp vs open raising
      1.13.4 What will be spr in most likely scenario
      1.13.5 What we do if someone raise over
      1.13.6 What we do if someone raise over and someone 3bet
      1.13.7 What will be spr in each scenario when we continue to each action
      1.13.8 Our presented hands range
      1.14 When decide to call raise
      1.14.1 Are we deep enough
      1.14.2 What board textures we can continue if we miss
      1.14.3 What board textures we trap/fastplay if we hit
      1.14.4 What is raiser and callers (if any) ranges
      1.14.5 What is our implied pot odds vs his/their range when we hit
      1.14.6 What is our postflop edge on this player
      1.14.7 Why are we calling but not 3betting
      1.14.8 What is our relative position to raiser
      1.14.9 What is most likely scenario occurs after we call with x players after and how we react to it
      1.14.10 Our presented hands range
      1.15 When deciding call 3bet
      1.15.1 Are we deep enough
      1.15.2 Are we having enough implied pot odds
      1.15.3 What is our postflop edge with this player
      1.15.4 What is our position
      1.15.5 What boards we c/r, c/c, c/c to bet turn, b/4b, b/c, b/f ect.
      1.15.6 If not last to act what is most often scenario occurring and how we react to it
      1.15.7 Our presented hands range
      1.16 When decide 3bet
      1.16.1 Position, stack sizes
      1.16.2 Gap between raiser opening range and callers calling range (if any) and their continue to 3bet range
      1.16.3 Is players folding to cbet enough and stack sizes allow to go postflop with them and steal pot
      1.16.4 What boards we cbet, check back.
      1.16.5 What boards we continue if someone of our opponents donk bet
      1.16.6 Why are we 3betting not flatting
      1.16.7 Our presented hands range
      1.16.8 Our postflop edge
      1.17 When deciding to 4bet
      1.17.1 Stack size, position
      1.17.2 Gap between player 3bet range and continue to 4bet range
      1.17.3 Is player(s) folding to cbet enough to go postflop and steal pot
      1.17.4 What is our postflop edge with player(s)
      1.17.5 Our presented range
      1.18 When decide to fold
      1.18.1 Is our hand too week to play
      1.18.2 If folding maximum ev we can get from this hand
      1.18.3 Do our table image allow not fold
      1.18.4 Do opponent table images allow us to not fold
      1.19 checking on bb
      1.19.1 How much limpers are there
      1.19.2 What is our relative position on limpers
      1.19.3 How our hand range compare to limpers hand ranges
      1.19.4 What is our fold equity preflop
      1.19.5 What is our postflop edge
      1.19.6 What option create better most likely occurring scenario
      1.19.7 Do we still can steal pot after raise preflop and someones calling if miss
      1.19.8 What board textures we try to steal by leading or c/r after checking bb
      1.20 What hands of our opponent range we block with our hand
    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 11,079
      Hey Kapurs,

      If studying counts for anything, then you are well on your way to being a winning player. Keep it up. :s_biggrin:

      Happy Fishing

    • Kapurs
      Joined: 10.04.2014 Posts: 78
      Ty Laz

      Today was not able focus that much on games as usual, made some more misclicks, time outs ect. I am not very disappointed about my game but it def was not my A game. Played just 4 hour today for this reason.

      Energy level also was some lower today. Will take some hours off for recovery and then maybe do some research/studying.

      Will look up some local cafe to go out for some studying outside home.

      Already have scheduled review with couch on Monday and downloaded some Andrew Brokos videos to study meanwhile.

      Loss for day 138$
    • VinnyVedecci
      Joined: 10.04.2014 Posts: 13
      Hi Kapurs! Definitely will follow your blog. Very interesting subjects. Hopefully you can keep improving yourself and not get lazy at some point!
    • Kapurs
      Joined: 10.04.2014 Posts: 78
      Ty VinnyVedecci

      I feel i might made mistake today morning with alarm at 7am after yesterday tiring day.

      Slept some hours now so energy level is back up and i am really do some things now.

      Hopefully will work on flop masterlist tomorrow, it prob will not be 1 day work because so much possibility's and reasoning.

      Found 1 kafe what is close to home and might be fine, will check it someday and see how it feels.
    • Kapurs
      Joined: 10.04.2014 Posts: 78
      Reviewing some friend and my hh. Having couching session in 30min.

      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,254
      Folllowing intently! Good luck :)
    • Kapurs
      Joined: 10.04.2014 Posts: 78
      Slept just about 4 hours during night but with extra 5 hours what slept yesterday feeling pretty good.

      Added 1.19 point to focus master list preflop.
      Probably will not create flop masterlist today but some other day soon.

      Will take 15-30 min to read 7 habits of highly effective people

      Today will watch Tournamentpokeredge videos in 2 stages:
      1. Watch video, pausing video to take notes and return video
      2. After video expand notes explaining how i can implement theses things in my game.

      Will prepare to Monday review exporting hh and thinking questions to ask during it.

      I am very disappointed with one of my couches for that he use words donks, idiots, stupid, small brains ect. in with additional words and different combinations while playing/doing review. I am not feeling i should school him about it because it make just too much useless discussion long-term for us. I just ignore theses things and not getting involved in them.
      Most extreme example is that he show player who left stable and is dropping xxxx$ telling it happen because he left and he is idiot.

      I remember times when i was doing same and not feeling that good about it. I feel overall people in today society no respect other opinions and individuality, people is too much way they are suspected to be in other people eyes. People just fear from being different and individual, not because what government or security services will think but because people who are around us every day. Today average person in society have become sheep and sheepdog pushing fake individualism and not becoming what you can become, being educated and work on self-improvement is not popular ("not cool") today, watching/creating stupid non educational time wasting YouTube is hugely more popular ("cool"). Sadly especially for young age persons when people create base habits for live.
    • Kapurs
      Joined: 10.04.2014 Posts: 78
      Added 1.20 to preflop masterlist

      Expanded some notes from yesterday couching session, friend hh review and started watch TournamentPokerEdge video.

      There was interesting hand in friend hh:

      Blinds 75/150
      UTG+1: t2545 16.97 BBs
      MP1: t1095 7.30 BBs
      MP2: t2860 19.07 BBs
      CO: t1840 12.27 BBs
      BTN: t2845 18.97 BBs
      SB: t1200 8 BBs
      Hero (BB): t4195 27.97 BBs
      UTG: t1005 6.70 BBs

      5 folds, BTN raises to t300, SB raises to t600

      I think most advanced players nowadays when they have 3-4bb they not open ship but min raise to keep some more fold equity mostly because people after might not realize that they are allin and make people harder time calculating pot odds and equity needed to continue.
      In this spot if we look SB action when BTN minraised having just 8bb stack, he raise over 4bb (5bb might be better) creating more fold equity vs bb making him harder realize his pot odds, equity needed and make it look super strong overall. When it come back to btn we almost never have fold equity preflop vs him but he might sometimes call and fold to flop shove creating sometimes more fold equity then when we just ship over 8bb (mostly 0).

      Will start play and continue watch video after session.
    • VinnyVedecci
      Joined: 10.04.2014 Posts: 13
      Very very good stuff! You inspire me really much to work my daily habits also!

      About that sb vs. btn hand, I would like that much better if sb 3bets to 5,5bb or 6bb, then opponent can see that as a normal 3bet and fold when not realizing he has only 8bbs. 5,5bb is the sizing that I would use.

      Also about mini raising with 3 to 4bb stack, it's very effective I think. Especially when you see multitable regs, it works pretty often. But when playing on winamax/888poker or with all those fishes I would rather shove 3 or 4bbs, because opponents still fold way too much to that and you have bigger fe that way. They like to call mini raises but fold to 4bb shove.
    • Kapurs
      Joined: 10.04.2014 Posts: 78
      Originally posted by HollyMichelle
      Folllowing intently! Good luck :)



      I dunno if 5,5bb-6bb reraise create more fold equity pre. I can see people r/c on btn to 4bb 3bet and fold to cbet on flop to about 1/2 size bet but when we do 5.5bb and he call it kinda there is already in 11 and we have left 2.5bb and most people will no that willing to fold on most flops.
      Also it no big difference if we do 4 or 5.5 in bb eyes, both look very stron.
      Anyway it hard to tell, have not seeing anyone discussing this so far really.

      Also seem no that common that minraising 3-4bb is worse then shoving but if that is your reads on average population in some poker rooms you should min raise stronger hands for less fold equity.


      I feel pretty good about how i played today. Was having good focus playing 5 hours and 1 hour ending up session.
      Got allowed play some higher mtt's.

      Slept for 3 hours extra at evening. I feel i might take 1 day free from playing and so much studying to recover and no burn out so maybe will tomorrow chill outside home and do some light studying.

      Loss for day 469
    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 11,079
      Hey kapurs,

      The song on Page 1 of my blog is from my nineties music. I had stopped listening to new music during the eighties (all that synthesizer crap), but all of a sudden in the early nineties came the grunge explosion.

      Bands such as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots and Smashing Pumpkins got me listening to the music at that time.

      Also picked up good music from Cake, Reef, Eels and The Presidents of the USA and of course the mighty Radiohead and Live.

      My other preferences come from the Seventies with bands like Pink Floyd (The absolute Nutz), Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Jethro Tull.

      I tend not to have playlists. I just decide what album I want to listen to and roll with that.

      Below is my absolute favourite: