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    • darchvile40
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      hey all.

      so i just recently cashed in 10,000 gold coins for one of those titan treasures which offers up to prizes worth up to 20euro, thats for 10,000 of course. just wanted to know anybody else,s thoughts with what they recieved when they did the same.

      so anyway i recieved one token for a 3k invitational tourney that doesnt start until may!!!!!!!, and thats it.

      im not saying that im unhappy or being negative in any way, shape or form but i thought instead id get some form of bonus and maybe afew tokens for some 2 or 5euro sit and gos or something like that. i am not playing that long and am more aless breaking even and really expect to bust out of this 3k tourney way before any paid places as the max entrants is around 3k i think. so i dunno what to think.
      I don,t think i have really got anything that i can hope to make a profit on.

      any thoughts please......................
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    • MMPokerNab
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      hiyo Darch, we actually have a topic in the forums where we've talked a little about this promotion.

      here is a link to my post where i share what i got from each time i hunter for.. titan treasures. :D

      seems to me that some rewards are (much) more likely than others and that you generally shouldn't expect much value from the promotion, but rather view it as a tiny added lottery.

      also, don't expect to bust out of a 3k player tourney early. you have nearly the same chance to go deep as anyone else. follow some basic strategy, above all be patient if the tourney isn't very fast and don't be afraid to bust. freerolls can be an awesome way to get your bankroll going, or at the very least, get some experience and confidence.
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      Thank you MMPokerNab, great post!
    • darchvile40
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      thanks pokernab, had a look on your link, pretty interesting. i wont expect too much from now on......... :P