Zachrina feedback

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    • Lazza61
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      This is the first time I have staked John but I have been following his live career through his blog. So when he (finally) posted an opportunity, I was only too happy to jump aboard the good ship S.S.Zachrina.

      Already have my stake plus profit back in my account with 2 of the 4 events still to run.

      Always keeps peeps informed through his rail thread and twitter.

      Thoroughly recommend for anyone wanting to get a slice of live tourney's. I know I'm ready for more. :)
    • 177272
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      Same as Lazz really. I travelled to Nottingham and met him face to face it still did not put me off. :)

      He is a nice solid player who will look after your $$$ for you to the best of his ability. Totally up front, genuine and keeps you 100% informed. He tried to pay up back after the first tourney, and did so after the 2nd one with a nice profit, with 2 still to go.

      I will invest again and advise others to think about doing likewise.


    • zachrina
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      Wow, thanks guys.

      Really looking forward to our next one :f_cool: