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A very lengthy introduction to me and my goals

    • P00kbettor
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      Hello, fellow poker players. My name is Bas Groeneveld and I’m a student and avid poker player. My interest in poker started when I had my very first home game, against two total nits that would have been gutted at nl2. Of course, I knocked them out with my newly acquired superior skills and insight in the game. ;) I was 17 years old at the time, almost turning 18. Because I was so blatantly enthusiastic about poker, I already created an account on a network called ‘Everest Poker’.

      I remember I set the alarm at 07:00 to play the nosebleed-limits of $0.00. Yes, there was actually a game called ‘Shasta’, with a payout of $0.08. I’m not sure if it’s still there because Everest Poker got involved with iPoker, the massive network that kinda ruins everything. Still, those days created a burning feeling in my heart that screamed to me that I needed to play. :baby:

      I learned a lot there. There were hardly any serious players at Shasta, but still, I noticed how everyone was bleeding their chips into oblivion. Just to improve my game I decided to read some poker material, and quickly got to the concept of ‘limping’. And yes sir, I got rid of the limping addiction, and learned some basic things about post-flop play.

      It wasn’t a big surprise that I soon reached the milestone of $1, and with that I started playing with real money. Well, that wasn’t the best idea ever. I already lost $0.10 from just blinds and a limp, and that was 10% of my bankroll. I remembered reading “Never sit on a table with more than 1% of your bankroll” but my greed took over. The first bigger pot seemed to go my way, till someone hit a flush draw. My two pairs were shattered and abused by a vicious shark, and my bankroll stated $0.00 again. Sad but true, I still grief when I think about it.

      Let’s get it over with. I managed to get deep in a freeroll tournament and my bankroll was $10. I started playing the Double or Nothing SnG’s, because they seemed rather soft and nitty – exactly how I had been playing before. Admittedly, I still made many many wrong decisions, but in a couple of weeks I grew a healthier bankroll and allowed myself to try out some other game types. I soon grew wary from those and made the transition to the 45-man SnG’s. Even though they had a smaller buy-in, there was more profit to be made.

      The sheer size of those games – they weren’t even MTT’s – made it more difficult for me, but I did learn the basics of positioning and push/fold ranges there. It took some time, but eventually I made profit there too.

      From that point I really started to experiment and that put my winnings on a hold. I started playing Omaha (Hi/lo), Badugi, Razz, Stud and HU Hold’em. I enjoyed them all, but the learning process was pretty steep. I started playing cash games too, but they weren’t my cup of tea at all back then.

      With a mix of those games I got my bankroll to $100, having been slightly lucky. I further increased that amount by going back to the Double or Nothing SnG’s (Nostalgia hit I suppose) and played those all the way to $250. AND from there, I rolled into the madness and brutality of Hyper-Turbo’s, where I ought to test my skills and match my newfound hero, Jorj95. Yes, that’s as far as you can get from Double or Nothing, but I wanted everything. It all makes sense in my head.

      By constantly improving my game I now have reached the magical number of $1000. It seems logical that I’m quite content with it, but there’s an unpleasant feeling to it too. Mentally, I’ve been put to the test an awful lot by these games, and poker should in the first place be fun.

      I’ve been at the verge of desperation tilt – moving up in limits to compensate for a massive downswing. Once I lost about 40BI at the $3.75’s – that’s $150 – and I just couldn’t bear the look of my diminished bankroll. So, I played some $37.50’s and $74’s, and luckily I broke even. After those limits I did feel disgusted by myself, since I had felt I was a mentally strong player before. Well, that confidence was gone. In the end, I just kept grinding the $3.75’s and managed to end my downswing. There were some other downswings on the road to $1000, but at least I had learned that ‘chasing losses’ was far from the right play. I couldn’t help to hate the downswings that much that the upswings almost felt meaningless and that was a critical sign to change my game.

      Hey, I’m still a massive poker addict,.so don’t bother thinking the wall of text has ended. Lately, I’ve been reading about cash games, and I have to admit: I think I found just the thing that I need now: achievable, stable winrates, while still being challenging and fun. Yes, they may not be as variance-free as Sit & Go’s, but they’re way more comfortable compared to Hyper-turbo’s. To enhance my experience I decided to write a blog about my findings, my state of mind and my profits. I haven’t been very transparent about past games’ stats, though I’ve done that on purpose. It’s simply part of letting go those obnoxious Hyper-turbo’s and starting fresh with cash games. Hooray, and I’m glad to be blogging about this! :f_p:

      What are my cash games desires? Well, I’ve deposited close to my entire bankroll, and I’m left with $50 on my account. I’m planning to

        -Play 1 hour a day, 8-tabling at nl5
        -Eat sleep grind repeat
        -Stop after 3 BI's lost
        -Make a nice profit
        -Move up to NL10 when my bankroll is $200 :P
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      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,137
      Wishing you every success Bas!

    • P00kbettor
      Joined: 10.04.2012 Posts: 3
      Thx alot, i'll be posting my very first graphs soon :) Support noted!
    • GrindingGryphon
      Joined: 02.04.2014 Posts: 1
      Hey Bas,

      First of all I'd love to wish you good luck, but more so may your hardwork pay off in your poker endevaours.

      I too am about to start a low stake cash game bankroll building challenge and I just had a question about your bankroll managment. Do you feel that $150 is a big enough roll to be 8 tabling nl10? Also how many BI would you have to lose at nl10 to mave back to nl5?

      I ask not to criticise your plans but to help me in setting my own bankroll boundaries.

      All the best for it.
    • P00kbettor
      Joined: 10.04.2012 Posts: 3
      Well, my personal opinion on BRM is that it depends on your ability to win too. If I experience a high winning rate on NL5, I would safely play NL10 with $150. Still, variance can always hit, and I wouldn't 8-table NL10 straight away. The difference between NL5 and NL10 might not be that large, but I imagine it's alot looser + less mistakes overall. As to answer your question, 8-tabling NL10 with just $150 seems a tad risky. That's just 15BI's if you get a full stack. Yes, you can also get in with just $4, but that just seems silly.

      Having given it another thought, $200 looks like a better number for 8-tabling NL10. You'd fall back around $150 then. Yes, it's not that much big of a difference, but just to account variance it would be safer and more long-term oriented. Even if you crush NL5, the extra $50 wouldn't be a massive problem, while the lack of a good bankroll might be.

      Good luck at the tables Mike! Perhaps i'll be sitting next to you some times ^^