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PokerStars 7

    • BarryCarter
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      Taken from PokerStars rep Douglas on the 2+2 forum

      PokerStars 7 Alpha software is now available to any Windows user who has a account and would like to join our Alpha testing program.

      What is PokerStars 7?

      PokerStars 7 is our newest desktop poker client (we’ll be referring to the current software players are using today as PokerStars 6). If you’d like an overview of the features of PokerStars 7, please visit our website at (Username: alphatester, Password: ps7alpha)

      What does Alpha mean?

      PS7 Alpha is fully functional and supports both real money and play money poker, but it is pre-beta, meaning that it is still undergoing user testing with frequent product updates as minor issues are being resolved and the UI is being refined. We’ve been in an internal Alpha stage for many months and have slowly invited more players to test the client and the new features/fixes that are appearing each week. At this point, all the major features are in and we are ready to allow more players access in order to receive more feedback.

      Can I use the PokerStars 7 Alpha software?

      Yes, as long as you have a PokerStars.COM account on a Windows PC. PokerStars 7 is not yet available for Mac OS or for .NET or any other extension besides .COM. The instructions for installing the Alpha are listed at the end of this post.

      How can I see what’s new?

      First, please visit the PokerStars 7 website for an overview of new features (Username: alphatester, Password: ps7alpha). Next, we encourage everyone to join the private ‘PokerStars 7’ forum on 2+2. The product team for PokerStars 7 is actively participating in the PS7 forum so we can quickly act on any issues or suggestions reported by Alpha players, answer questions, keep everyone informed of changes, and post release notes for each product update. You can join the forum following these steps:

      1) Go to the Group Memberships page on 2+2.

      2) Look for PS7 in the list of groups available for you to join, select the radio button on the far right and click ‘Join Group’.
      Within 24 hours your request to join the group will be accepted (but typically within an hour or so).

      Installation Instructions

      IMPORTANT: Please be aware that the PokerStars 7 Alpha software is a separate installation from the currently available PokerStars 6 client. By default, it will be installing into a folder separate from your existing PokerStars 6 folder, but it will attempt to use your existing notes and settings where possible so you aren’t starting from scratch with PS7.

      Download the Alpha from here: .

      After installation, you will see a new PokerStars 7 icon on your desktop. When you want play on PokerStars 7, click on the new PS7 icon. When you want to play on PokerStars 6, you will need to close PokerStars 7 and click on the PokerStars icon (red spade) that you have been using up till now. Note that you cannot be logged in to both clients at the same time.

      Does PokerStars 7 work with 3rd party software?

      As we don’t test our client against 3rd party software before releasing it, we cannot comment on the compatibility of any 3rd party software used with PokerStars 7. We suggest checking with the 3rd party software provider.
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