Hi all,

I'd like to inform you that recently we have implemented some changes to the layout which resulted in some tabs changing their location. Please see below:

1. We have added the Free Money tab to the main overview. In this section you will find poker, casino and sports betting free money offers. Please note that CasinoCheck.com is a part of PokerStrategy.com.
More information can be found here.

2. Tabs: Community and Help (Support) have been moved to Home (under the top bar).

3. Coachings have been moved to the Strategy section (under the top bar). They are also visible on the Home page under "Next Coachings" (click the arrow to see the whole schedule).
We will also provide more information about the coachings and new special courses in the news section - keep your eyes open!

4. Forum ranking (posts) is now visible on the forum in the top navigation bar (previously it was in the Home tab).

Currently we are working on changing the website's visual side as well as its functionality. You will be seeing changes in the upcoming weeks (and months).
If you have feedback or questions, please share.