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Coaching Videos

    • Tevezwest
      Joined: 12.07.2008 Posts: 30
      I am looking to get into viewing the live coaching sessions but the times are not good for me.

      So what I would like to know is there a direct resource? that say, if I miss the 6pm coaching session tonight Can I link that session now and its linked for later viewing? I'm sure a lot more would be viewed that way.

      I know there are coaching videos uploaded but not all of them are live coaching sessions and can be old (not that makes a difference).

      If there isn't direct links to sessions after they have been made Is it possible to make them put up on the coaching page?
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    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 10,741
      Hey Tevezwest,

      You can check out past coachings at

      We also have plans to store live coachings in our Videos section.


    • TJtheTJ
      Joined: 12.10.2011 Posts: 6,588
      Hi Tevezwest,

      To add to what Laz said, we're already in the process of storing recordings of our live coachings in our video section. In fact, the first videos have already been uploaded there. For example, the last one we uploaded was the 180man coaching:

      180man coaching with tomsom87

      We hope to upload as many coaching sessions as possible in the future exactly for the reason you stated - a lot of people might not be able to attend the coachings for various reasons.

      So hopefully that will help! :)

    • MK7GTD
      Joined: 02.03.2011 Posts: 279
      The coaching videos are not saved anymore on and on videos section are saved with access only for different statuses. We could watch any coaching didn't matter what status we had but now we can't do that anymore.

      Why is that?
    • TJtheTJ
      Joined: 12.10.2011 Posts: 6,588
      Hey kykylikRNMD,

      The reason for this is that our partnership with has ended, so we are now using different streaming options to broadcast our coachings. This also allows us to simply store the recordings in our video section.

      Regarding the status restrictions for each video, this is because there are status restrictions on coachings as well. For this reason, we only want to make the videos available to members who have the required status for the coaching. This is different from the way it was before to put more value on having a higher status. Before, anyone could watch pretty much everything which is now no longer an option as you already pointed out.

      Having a higher status should come with more privileges, and this is one of the changes we made to make this happen. We've made similar changes in other areas, such as the hand evaluation forums, for the exact same reason.

      Just let us know if you have any other questions :)

    • double2
      Joined: 04.11.2008 Posts: 14,642
      Please, start uploading Uri Peleg's Thursday coachings. Just the best content on PS right now.