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    • mineriva
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      Just in case there is a rep for 770 poker that does look at this board.

      As mentioned in another, unanswered, post I had problems playing on this site. I uninsulated and reinstalled the client without success. Suddenly this morning the client started working again. :rolleyes:

      Because I reinstalled my pc lost my password so i did the "forget password" thing. Unfortunately poker 770 thinks I got my details wrong and did not want to sent an email.

      I used the same email address that I have for pokerstrategy and I found the "welcome email" from poker 770 so the email I gave cannot be wrong.

      I checked my poker tracker and the username I gave cannot be wrong.

      I am still the same person and my date of birth cannot be wrong.

      I guess I am no longer welcome on their network...

      I there is a rep for them and they are interested in getting me back they can post here or contact me through the PS or email me.
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    • Lazza61
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      Hey mineriva,

      This is easily fixed because I just went through something similar.

      I have just changed computers and went to reinstall the client. I had forgotten my PSR number so clicked the user name and put in my password and it wouldn't accept it. After another try or two my account was locked.

      I sent an email to with as many details as I could remember which was basically my nick and the fact that the account was registered to the email address that I was sending from.

      Within 24 hours I had a reply with a temporary password and my long forgotten PSR number.

      Let us know how you go

    • VorpalF2F
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      I'm glad I noticed this!

      I'll be (hopefully) getting my new computer tomorrow, and will enjoy avoiding the hassle...