unbelievable how FT stole me 100$

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      I have my account on FT from years now. i didnt play there for 3 months then from 2 weeks i deposit 100$.

      The second i deposit the closed my account and asked me id and other documents for verification.
      I sent all the asked documents, they kept on asking more. finally i provided them.

      Then what they said???

      U have an issue with an account on pokerstars when u resolve it u can access ur account and make a cash out!!!!!!!

      My account on stars was closed from 5 years!!! and since i played million times before and after FT was bought by stars, but with very small amounts. now they r using the stars card to keep my money.

      and u should see the way they treat the case and they deal with me. for them its very normal to keep my money.

      But im not done with them yet, they are stealers and all forums will know abt it.
      I will post the mails they sent me.

      Thank you for ur support!
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