Open raise sizing for micros?

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      ^Title. I read various articles regarding this, and people are suggesting 3/3.5/4BB open raises, and I'm not sure which is the best. I like the 4BB one, because it's easier to put more money into the pot when we hit something against a fish, but they don't call with as random hands as they do when I raise 3BB.

      Also, do you guys cap how much you increase the raise per limper? If there are 3 limpers, I think 7BB might be overkill
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      i'd say it depends. fullring i'd go 4bb from 1-2, 3bb from MP to CO and 2 or 2.5bb from BU. that's because we have a super strong range from UTG and since most ppl will probably be setmining nits they will be just donating their 4bb to us whenever they call and miss etc.

      for SH i'd just say 3bb from all positions except for BU, where i'd minraise it as a standard. wider ranges in SH and super wide range on the BU so we adjust our sizing accordingly.

      there is always the flip side to these arguments - yeah you get to bloat the pot more with a 4bb open when we hit something, but the other ~66% of the time when we miss? sure, we cbet bluff... but it isn't so fun when the fish don't like to cooperate.

      i guess the fact that you have different ppl saying different things means it isn't going to be that much of a mistake if you make it 3 or 4bb pre, as long as you understand why and you have a plan and your sizing reflects your ranges.

      if there is 1 limper, my range changes. if there are 2 limpers my range will be different from if there is 1 limper. if there are 3 or more limpers it starts to really change the sort of range you should be isolating with - we want a stronger range when there are more limpers, so 7bb might not be as overkill as you think.
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      correct answer "mooooooaaaaaaar"
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      For a while, 4BB open raises was the norm.

      Then it all but disappeared as 3BB became the norm.

      In the past year, it became common for people to minraise from BU, 2.5x CO and 3 elsewhere.

      Now at NL 5€ speed I see minraises from everywhere, but I'm also beginning to see 4x from everywhere too.

      For myself, I was doing the 2 - 2.5 - 3 for a while, but I'm back to 3x from everywhere.

      I also see that people call and 3bet more vs the smaller raises, and less vs the 4x raises.

      So to each his own.
      What are you comfortable with?

      Do you have the postflop edge to play more loosely preflop?