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My Poker Evolution

    • RiSh421
      Joined: 05.10.2013 Posts: 217

      Finaly, i write my blog, to keep track of my evolution in poker....

      I do so because:
      -to keep track of all my results, in this blog, from now. (I need to be able to perceive concretly my progress.)
      -i want other people reaction and help!!
      -it can help you too.

      I am a 34 years old french man, living in Canada since july 2011.
      Below are my details: history in poker, books read, equipments etc....
      I will try to make this blog as interesting as possible for you, detailing my results, state of mind, work etc. I will mainly detail my evolution details: live/online preference, stake played, encounters, and declics in my progress. I will input every important change.

      My poker history

      The happy beginnings

      I begun playing texas holdem at the same time, on internet. I had played 5 card poker as a child and always loved it, being the one proposing to play to other kids oftenly. played, a while, some 1,5$ to 3$ Sit and Goes on week-ends.
      Then i discovered and started to play mtt, and more money, on beginning of 2012. I remember the discovey of this weird thing: Multi table tournaments !!!
      I started reading at the same period.

      I mainly jumped into MTT during pokerfest 2012. I discovered the late night satellites for 54$ and 109$ ticket, wich i tried and won. Played and cashed a bit. Then i discovered satellites for pokerfest events. There i begun to play freneticaly (meaning more than i should have). In the end, i don't know why, but i was "obsessed" to satellite to the main event. I spent some 350$ (4 times 70$ satellites) to finaly win this 600$ ticket.
      Wow! i could not be much happier despites i had lost some 900$ total, maybe, to the pokerfest.....But i played my 1st big event (after only 3 monthes of mtts) and finished by winning 2 250$!! my biggest internet result to this day.
      I was so happy. I cashed it out mostly, not making the mistake of loosing/spewing it. Also because i was afraid of my 900$, being conscious that it is not recommended as a comportment, and was too much spending/risking.

      At the same period i begun playing live poker, NL200 at the montreal casino. 1st sessions were winnings.

      The darker period

      But as i was evolving alone in poker, i could not manage to behave right in poker.
      I took the habit to play more and more in the casino. The night after my job or the week end. I was too inexperienced and weak but could not really see that, as i was loving the game and immediatly saw some possibilities for me.

      Also, after my big win on partypoker Main event, i begun playing (too much) on pokerstars, during SCOOP. I continued playing satellites for big events but with less succes. I finished loosing money (around 1000$)

      Also, i won a 3rd place on the big 2$ for 600$. That made me think i needed more time for poker because i was only playing after work, tired. I wanted to try full-time for a while, to be able to study and practice it more. So i quit my employ in july 2012. That was an error.

      I played more and more online (little 2$ to 11$ mtt and bigger mtt sats ) and live (NL200 and 80 $ tournaments). This lasted some 4-5 monthes where i did study poker and practice during day time.
      By the end i lost some 5 000$ maybe, much loss due to live poker.
      Main defaults: ignorance, inexperience, unskillness and many more.... Nobody was here for me, or nobody i would listen to. So i had this darker unprofitable period where i was too unpatient. I did jump into poker but did not do it right, instead i had many defaults which i would change if i was meeting my ancient self today! As i already heard: my main problem was to have won early, in poker rather than receive the hard lessons of this game.

      The return to sanity

      I saw i could not continue like this. It was surely depressing me, too (bad mood not deep clinical depression).
      I slowly calmed from september, ending losing any more, but still not winning. I did not stop because i know poker is a game where i can perform. But i notice that was not the way i needed to do this. So i continued on studying (and play, but more rarely). I reduced my online and live play a lot.

      I was now playing minimum mtts, maybe ten 2$ to 5$ mtt, max per day.
      Noticable fact, i managed to slowly start a BR with 20$ on EspaceJeux, upping to 500$, even earning a 1 100$ live event ticket, once (wich i ended well but not paid, quiet unlucky). I was proud of my calm and results but that was not enough for an ambiitous poker player.
      Other noticable fact: i ended 4th in the finale 2 100$ step 6 for a PCA package (after beginning by step 1 a 7.5$), this time a stupid call while chip leading the final 4 (2 paid-1 package).
      So there was some noticeable evolution in that period, despites the absence of results.

      The (short) cash game period

      Following that calmer period, i decided some radical were needed, so i followed the french Pokerstartegy Cash Game SharkSchool from november 2013 to january 2014.
      I learned some (not a lot as it was for beginners). I was playing in NL2.
      But my results were not nice in NL2, as i was difficult for me to concentrate on so few money (that is a default!!).
      Eventually, in january i started playing NL100 (1 table or 2 tables max). I managed to do well and grow up + 1 000$, but ended crashing it in end february, even downing to some 400$.

      That is over. I stopped playing Cash Game. I am sure i don't have the necessary bankroll for online N100, to manage the downswing mentally and financially. I only play it a bit once a month instead of going to the casino to play live NL200 (which is the minimum). Also, i don't play live Cash Game anymore, only as side to tourneys events and only one BI (max 2).

      Now and later

      For 2014 i did post some objectives, at the beginning of january, for the end of the year:
      1)Online: win some mtt on (the tougher site, no ?) (update: done in march :f_biggrin: )
      2)Live: play some big live events, like WSOP 1 000$ side event or a Main Event (much probably but satellites, after my PCA failure), or even bigger live event that my usual 80$ mtt.
      (update: -WSOP (badly) done in june :f_biggrin:
      -play some bigger event: done with great results for my 1st 300$ tournaments, in may :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin: )
      3) play NL200 online


      After promising beginnings in early 2012, i chaoticaly evolved during the year, having big UPs and DOWNs, even losing much money. Now i can say that was not intelligent at all. I still finished to find my equilibrium, playing less, and less high.
      I still have problems sometimes, having a period where i spend too much money after a winning, but it is more rarely. I seem to be able to act on the poker "demon" (is it?).

      I can evolve in poker, i can find my way to the top. Some results seems to go that way. I want to end Professional poker player for sure, because i love this game of hazard, skill, maths, psychology, social comportments...... But i need to evolve much more. I saw during last year, that my poker is nothing compare to what it was. But that evolution is too pricey as i do some errors i should, spewing my money stupidly sometimes.
      I have an evolution to figure.


      What do you think of my evolution? Any questions? Is it normal to you? do you have similar history or a friend history? Any suggestion? Thank you.

      My poker tools

      I will update those points of my poker CV, when news.


      No. i did not read so many poker books. It is only an illustration.

      But still, I did read:
      Green book and Blue book,(Phil Gordon), useful, nice writing.
      Poker for dummies.
      Poker theory (David Slaksky).
      Play poker like the pros ( Phill Hellmuth).
      Read them and reap (Joe Navajo).
      Ace on the river (Bary greenstein).
      Poker Mindset (Ian Taylor & Mathew Hilger). Great !
      Poker cadillac(Francois Demontmirel).
      Holdem wisdom 1 & 2(Daniel Negreanu).
      Full Tilt Poker tournament strategy(many) but i did not read it all.
      In the money(Antonio Esfandiari).
      Deal me in (great poker pros autobiographies).
      Dan Harrington on tournament strategy vol 1. (05/2104)
      Dan Harrington on tournament strategy vol 2. (06/2014)
      Pot Limit Omaha: the big play strategy (Jeff Hwang). (08/2014)


      MAC book pro retina, 2,4GHz Intel core i5
      Dual 17" LCD screen.
      Poker tracker 4
      Slice (equity) but i don't use it much.


      Blue Shark Optics (interior) sunglasses.
      Beat In-ear phones.
      Bose QC20i Noise Cancelling in-ear phones (april 2014)
      Some chip card protector

      I use my cap , sometimes, but rarely, to hide my upper face (eyebrows etc). Same thing for my glasses. That can keep my eyelook hidden too. I love to have them with me, in case I need, but don't use them on regular basis.
      I use my iphone music when to much sound around and/or needing to concentrate.
      I use my ipad at the beginning of a mtt to watch TV or play, but turn it off when it is getting serious.
      I, now use my bose QC20i to protect my ears from the noise that can be in a poker room, due to chips sounds. Bose QC20i are very efficient. I love them. On contrary to Bose QC15, i can turn it off and on, if necessary, with a simple switch button. It also does not make me look too asocial.


      All-in, the poker movie (documentary)
      Bet, Raise, Fold (10/2014)
      Drawing dead: the high and low of poker (10/2014)

      High roller: Stu ungar story.
      Lucky you.
      La tueuse.

      Story books:
      Wild card: a tale of..... (06/2014)
      The dark side of the felt (08/2014)

      All time best results:

      live: 9 800£ for 1st place of a 220£ EPT deepstack side vent . 10/2014
      online: 2 250$ in partypoker 2012 pokerfest main event.

      You can find me on pocket fives:
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    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 11,022
      Hey RiSh421,

      Really nice start to your blog. About the only thing you left out was what you had for breakfast. :)

      Poker players generally refer to their career as a journey. It is full of ups and downs, joy and despair. Just like the graphs we so like to look at.

      Most players will reach a point where they need to make that decision to either quit or become better.

      Happy Grinding

      Joined: 30.12.2010 Posts: 3,107
      Hi Rish,

      So nice to have you blogging,

      Definitely in for the journey. :s_cool:

      Keep us updated please,

      Best of luck,
    • RiSh421
      Joined: 05.10.2013 Posts: 217
      After my starting blog on monday night

      I played and lost a 80$ tournament (with 1 reentry), on the afternoon.
      2nd in a little 9 players tourney the same night, reducing my loss of the day.

      4th in a 43 players 80$ tournaments, for 280$
      (I could do much better but i tried to steal blindes with 7bb shove with K2s vs....KK. Sometimes i do strange crazy things and that's a problem for me !!)

      4th in an around 60 players 80$ tournaments for a chop of 700$ (like a 2nd place). After that deal i played badly and lost quiet uninterestingly shoving again K9o, and preventing myself from winning the last 200 and 100 prizes left to play.
      The night, i played a 130$ bounty tournament (25$ bounty included), because i was not feeling so tired and wanted to make evolve my endurance of tournaments. But it was disastrous as i last 30 minutes of this tournament, loosing most of my stack for a semi bluff. After that that i got bad beat....
      To add to this disastrous i played Cash Game, which i rarely do and lost some 270$.

      The positive of the week:
      -Cashed 3 of 6 tournaments, which is quiet nice for a bad week (because it was a bad week with stupid moves from me, getting out of FT too soon !! ), for a net 415$ profit (substracting Buys-In and Tips--which costs a Buy-in in the end of the week)

      The negative:
      -Stupidly lost 270$ of that hard earned profit lowering it to 150$ total. I must stop playing Cash Game. I must stop playing Cash game. I must stop playing Cash games. I must stop playing cash game. I must stop !!!

      -Wanted to overpass my abilities playing a second BIG 130$ tournaments after my win of the aternoon. I had to try, but it is too much, as i learned too, that this tournament was to end at 4 in the morning if i got at the Final Table !!!
      I could win 2 tourneys in a day but much more little tourneys: one 60 and 30 players only. I must keep to that. Lesson learned.

      -Made stupid moves on Final tables making end too soon. Those moves could be avoided and costed me much money as every place is a step above. Pushing 7bb with K2s or even more, 13 bb with K9o on friday. I must be more patient and stop stealing blindes sometimes. Each times i won, i was a strong disciplined one, folding bad hand, not only relieving on luck. I have to work again my FT.

      I met again a player who is a very strong 80$ tournament player, ending oftenly 1st on TLB of the Playground poker club where he plays. In 2-3 meetings i know he is very efficient. He plays 300 torneys a year and is able to cash most of them, even doing 11 FT in a row recently.
      He accepted my asking of his coaching !!! I am coached !!
      I will meet him once in a week to discuss hands and tournaments, and every aspect of the poker. That seems to be a great news, as i was definitly looking for a coach, and he is one of the best at my level. Our single discussion was already interesting. Our deal is to be confirmed but it seems to be that.
      I will pay him a bit for this hour and mostly on winnings share to me, as it will motivate him too, to make me evolve.

      No much internet this week. maybe 3 tournaments (average 8$).

      So mitiged week on my results, wich still make me progress, confirming some abilities in tournaments, but more, make me encounter a great coach who will probably help me evolve.

      Week $$$: around 150$ profit.
    • RiSh421
      Joined: 05.10.2013 Posts: 217
      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:

      I continue on a weekly format, publishing, on sunday, my week report.

      This week has been bad. I lost all my (live) tournaments without any exception. Not a single cash.
      I played on monday, noon then night, tuesday night, wednesday night, thursday night, friday noon and night and satursday. Not a single win.

      And this was not because of luck (although it was involved), but i really played my Z-game. :s_confused: Many times i could do better but seem to be burned.
      Last week was bad and so, i think i was still a bit hurt by this. My mental is not strong enough to take swings :f_cry: , so i did play unefficiently.
      Bluffs, wrong calls, wrong push and sometimes bad hasard. But i must admit, i was victim of my own missplay, most of the time.
      So positively, i am not in an unlucky period. I can act on it.

      So i decided to stop playing for a while.
      I had decided on tuesday, but i insisted on wednesday (this time losing on absence of interesting hasard). On thursday, i was with a friend in a small tourney, to accompagn her. On satursday that was an association bounty tournament. So there were excuse for me not to stop on time.
      But now I am sure, I stop playing for a while 1 week or 2, playing only one tournament a week when I meet my new coach in THE poker place (which is one hour from my home so I must profit from my presence).

      -I will finish reading the Dan Harrington tournament trilogy (currently reading 1st one).
      -I will rest. (This sunday rested me. I did read french comics instead.)
      -I will relax. Being away from poker battles is regenerating. Besides i dedicate myself (too)much to poker's work.
      -I will think about the metagame, and things around poker. It moves my mind and some others things in my life. Maybe this all needs rest and change in the approch.

      Also, i had returned to live tournament because my 1st session in a while was a hug success 5 on 6 tournaments cashed, 1 won , 1 second etc....Now that it is no more truth, i must return to my distance from tournament. I play for interest not fun. So i must quit it for a while. I will see what i do later, rested.

      The coach:
      My meeting with him was interesting. He already saw some leak of mine:
      -the position misinterest
      -a too wide range
      He is really interesting. :f_love: Very experienced: a local poker figure. He chargeme some 30-40$ an hour session, which is very enjoyable versus the classical 80$ some....

      Also i started WSOP qualification. I don't think i am ready to play the main event or something like that, but i am ready to play some side event.
      I will concentrate on the package offered by french site "winamax" wich offers two side events tickets and accomodations, instead of the classical 1 000$ event 60 side event package.
      This week went unprofitably as i failed satellite by some 160 euros. next time. I have the whole month and more to get it.
      It is some 3600 euros package via a 300 euros satellite via a 50 euros satellites (eventually via a 5 euros sat). I usuallly bought in at 50 euros.

      Week $$$
      Total live : around 770$ loss. huge. :f_eek: :f_confused:
      Total online: around 200$ loss.
    • RiSh421
      Joined: 05.10.2013 Posts: 217
      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:

      As i was playing badly i had to stop playing for a while, to rest myself (and stop loosing my money...)

      Week 19:
      So i spent beginning of week 19 without playing
      Then i played on friday, a 80$ event.
      I made a deep run: Final table, ending 9th over 58 players, but not enough to be in the 7 paid. So the rest was good but not enough.
      This day, i had agree to come back to basic poker so i can play healthy again. This drove me far, but also cost me on my intuitive poker level. I had to avoid an important coin-flip (where i fold AKs against a 20BB shove after my openraise 4bb, my stack being 27bb), i also had to fold hands on wich my intuition was strong (and verified afterwarsd). So that basic game made me come back to a decent poker result, but left me frustrated and unpaid..... :f_mad:
      I also played on sunday: a 28 players 40$ 2R tourney, where i encountered bad beat, making me rebuy twice, and finally got well to final table to end 6th, for 4 paid. :f_cry:
      So...deep run again, but unpaid.......

      This also brought me to some, tournament final step and final table, hand selections, discussion with my coach. This conversation leads me to open more my range, and play more with my stack size and the 1st attack point of view, than with my hands (but still with decent hands). So i have to push more with suited connector (1 or 2 gapped), and figures. I must steal more.

      Week 20:
      After one calmer week, i came back to play a bit more.
      Won 300$ in the Casino 80$ tournament :s_biggrin:
      I rebought once and ended in 5 players chop where we splitted 4 300$ parts and a larger 600$ one for the chip lead. Nice result.
      But i should have dealed some 600$ to 1st 400$ to me and and another one and 200$ to the last shortest stacks. But it was late and i was working the next day, so i provoked this deal (badly).

      Casino tournament was canceled.
      I manage to loose 100$ on cash game because i could accpet to have come for nothing. I am not good on cash game !!
      i played twice a 150$ 100k gted tournament.
      My poker was very low. i did play unefficiently, making errors. I lasted 30 minutes on the night edition when i had hit the nut straight on the flop, and let vilain hit his back-doorfull house.
      But i managed to play and win 900$ on my 1st live PLO table. :s_biggrin: So that day ended well !!

      I did not play (much)online poker this week, as I am resting this part of my poker life too.
      I had won a 160$ 888 WSOP side event satellite ticket but lost the game.

      I ended reading "Dan Harrington tournament strategy book volume 1" and did read most of the volume 2 (inflexion points to prepare myself to the big 100k garanted tournament). Dan Harrington is really interesting. he is worth his reputation....
      Live poker coaching is still very useful and ...practical. I ask my coach some question i encounter and he answers me, with thing si would need much more time on, alone.

      Those are my little news....
      I am on a calmer period where i look for coming back to my (A-game ) profitable poker. Resting is surely nice to me.

      Live: + 700$
      Online: around 50$ loss.
    • RiSh421
      Joined: 05.10.2013 Posts: 217
      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:

      week 21:

      still not much poker this week: my diet poker regim continues (no poker monday night...)
      Still, i wanted to play my 1st live mixed game, hot as i was after my 1st PLO live table with my 900$ profit for 150$ buy-in. As mixed game is rare, it was also my 1st 300$ tournament. I usualy plays 80 to 150$ tourneys.
      I ended 6th place of the 300$ (pokerstars Canada cup) mixed game tournament for 1680$ pay-off. .

      I am happy and sad as my last hand was the worst i played in the tournament, and final hands are the most important. i made so much effort, despites it , folding AKs to someone shove as it could bust me in 9th place (or double me and make me chip leader ...).
      Also to notice, some player prevented us to chop for 3 000$ each and still play for some 2 100$. Some people are only problems in poker.

      :s_mad: But on the following day, i did wrong, losing much money: one 300$ satellite to pokerstar Canada's cup main event, 200$ in PLO CG, and 300$ on a 2-5$ CG table, for a total of 800$ !! Quiet a lot. This left me depressed and feeling guilty, as i badly played both CG tables, on contrary to be unlucky.
      I usually don't play 2-5, but i was trying to upgrade my stake: bad move. Back to 1/2.

      Not much. still on diet.
      A bit a PLO 0.10/0.20 stake. Little profit.
      Some WSOP side event qualification on 888.
      Ended 6th place for 3 ticket paid, of a 160$ satellite to the final 1 050$ qualifier to the WSOp side evnt package. Must restart from 5$ or 30$ satelites. Twice i miss this step. I can do it. I feel it.

      Books :
      I begun to read poker novels "the wild card" by Stephen Allan. It is nice until there.

      Week $$
      Live: +500$
      Online: near 0$
    • RiSh421
      Joined: 05.10.2013 Posts: 217
      note: i am quitting this weekly format, as it does not let room for newness and improvisation, due to news coldness if written at the end of the week. I will write bills seemingly like every week, but when i want, 1 to as many bills as i want.

      week 21 bis
      Played a 300$ (pokerstars canada's cup) bounty tournament.
      :s_biggrin: I scored 3rd place over 282 players for a total of 5 450$ prize (10 bounties of 100$ included). :s_biggrin: My biggest win so far.
      This was a 8 players chop in the end. Neither of us liked the variance and this was so cool this way.

      There again, it was my 1st 300$ bounty tournament. I had played 2 bounties tournaments of 100$ before. I am quiet proud of my performance. Also to mention, i was victim of big suck outs on the final 3 of the Final Table, 3 times against the final winner. So i can say, i merely touched the graal, but luck was not on my side. A very cool, uncomplexed player, playing medium hands, "stole" it to me.

      For my two 300$ tournaments experience, i was afraid, money scared, as i was far from my usual stake But i performed well on them. So i feel at my ease at this stake.

      (This time i must not reperform my following night spew: 800$ last time. Tonight (the following night), i only play a 220$ deepstack turbo. i would have hesitated to play this one, but results say i must and i can.
      Edit: I did play tonight. Busted out very early from my 220$ tournament and lost some 300$ on cash game PLO. (I must stop CG and PLO CG specially). So not so right: little 500$ spew.)

      Equipment note:
      I received my bose QC20i noise cancelling in-ear headphones. you can see them on the photo.
      They are really great !! Efficient. I did choose them to the big QC15, because of their discretion. I also love their possibility of noise cancellation switch, to allow conversation, with the dealer or the players, simply. They can also work without battery, unlike QC15. And to finish, they recharge on USB. So they have a lot of qualities. Only bad point, i fear the cable is too fragile overtime, wich might be bad for a 350$ earphone.
      So finally, i use them when i hear too many chips noise and/or wants to isolate myself .

      Week $$ (edit)
      -live: +5 850$ total.
    • RiSh421
      Joined: 05.10.2013 Posts: 217
      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:

      I did not play a lot live since the day after my big one (5 450$ for 3rd place in a 30 players bounty tournament). i played some 220 8 max event but did not play well (reraise with AJ vs ....AK of course. My bad why don't i fold ?!?)
      I played a bit of online and lost some 130$ in some 888 WSOP side event satellites (some 380$ for this year...).

      But i thought of something great: i travel to LAS VEGAS from june the 4th to june the 11th. .
      i move there to discover the town and:
      -try to qualify to event 19# (1500$) , 21#(1000$) and 23# (1000$).
      -play some side events: some 100 to250$ tourney around
      -play 1/2 PLO cash game and more....
      -have some holidays: i am employless and need to be distant from my living town for while.

      This my 1st time in Vegas, and i am sure it will be nice. I hope i won't spend much.
      I bought a flight+hotel ticket for some 760$ (+100$ fees at the hotel).
      I plan another 1300 US$ budget, wich is not much, but i hope to make money playing. I am not only there for fun.

      Actually this morning when i woke up, i was wondering what i had done as it using a big part of my bank money. Then i thought:
      -i have not choice anymore.
      -that was the same when i tried the 1st 300$ tournament i played and then, the 2nd. And finally i had made 6500$ out of them. so i must do it, try myself as i had, before, and see what i am able of. So this poker, an unsure skilled probability.

      I am afraid be that's it. I must do it. I am a french man, living in quebec, and i need to see Las Vegas while i am on this continent. I need to live my dream and win an entry to the WSOP and (seriously) cash it (targetting humble 1 000$ events). One time, isn't it?

      Week $$:
      -live -220$
      -online -130$

      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:
    • RiSh421
      Joined: 05.10.2013 Posts: 217
      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:

      I am back from vegas.

      Vegas is a big game/gambling/fun town.
      I visited the strip but i spent most of my time at the Rio.

      First i was coming for satellites. I played the 75 $, the first day and won, ending with a 500$ chip like 18 others players.

      Finally i did not play any STT (125$, 175$ , 275$ or 550$) as it was always single winner and my interest went to PLO 1/2 cash games.
      I saw the famous side cash games of the Rio: quiet a lot. There was a part no limit holdem and a part others (PLO, bigO etc). I had some success in PLO.

      I also tried tournaments at the Rio: 2* 235 tournaments (field of thousand and more) and one 135$. i had no success.

      I also bought into a 200$ PHamous tournament at the planet hollywood and ended 13th over 240 players for 580$.
      I had a verbal fight with some player insulting me, into this tournament and I was not supported by the table or the floor. It was quiet a horrible experience. To end it, the player in question busted me out. X(

      I had came here to qualifiy to some bracelet event (19, 21 or 23) and had no succeed until there. So on last day to enter an event (monday 9th), i planned to go to PLO and earn it. And i did. I entered with my usuasl 200$ (buy in from 100 to 500) which is correct for my bank and grew up until 1 000$. I could wait and earn more but i was already late reg for the 23 event turbo. I hesitated because the money could be mine etc , but i played the event 23 : late reg blind 100/200, starting stack 3 000chips, 15bb, not much....

      I busted early, shoving my 88 on the button, after a raise to 500 of MP2, vs KK of the sb. I played too aggressively, seemingly.
      With the distant look, i should not have entered that event lately, as i could not play my poker properly.

      Until there i was even, but i don't know why i got acting weird in the end. Right after my event 23 short sad happening, i got back to PLO and lost 300$. I underestimated the event 23 loss apparently as it had cost much much despites the gratuity of it (200$ finaly).
      The night i go to a PLO tournament but i am still a bit drunk from a bar encounters with nice americans, and lose 3 buy-in of 75$ each. So, it is bad but the worse is the last day.
      I go back to PLO 1/2 to try to make my money back and end paying my travel. Long story short, i lost 200$ then 200$, then 200$ agin, and i got back the ATM to get 400$ on the table this time (quiet "tilting"). I played and got back to 1 000$ (even for the day) but i kept on playing,to potentialy double it up, and cover my travel. I ended loosing it all ( slowly not on a big hand). :-(
      I did not manage well my play. i was not so tired as i did not stay very long on the table (around 7hours) but maybe it was enough for me to loose my energy and power.

      Online, yesterday i tilted on my account, back into Canada , and lost most of my bankroll i had slowly built on PLO 10 CG table. Lost 150$.

      What a bad week !! Everything was going nice until i tilted. And i still have no job right now.....

      Week $$$
      -live: loss -1750$ CA$ :f_cry:
      -online: loss -150$ :f_cry:
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      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:

      My new poker thing is PLO.

      I love it because:
      -it is very dynamic. Big flop happennings etc.....
      -I had nice results on my 1st PLO live events (cash game and mtt)
      -I love that many players are not efficient at it, coming from hold'em.

      So i am in a PLO period, when i work it and play it.
      I spent all my recent las vegas vacation playing PLO 1/2 (bring 5$). I read about it. Actually reading Jeff Hwang "Pot Limit Omaha".

      I also did read some articles on internet.

      I spoil it because it is maybe not very relevant, depending (too) much on my actual mood, which is bad.
      But right now i feel low:
      -I lost 200$ on PLO10 (including maybe 60 on PLO25) on my return from vegas, while i had succeeded to built a 200$BR from my 100$ BR, on PLO10. I am tilting. i lost that money on few days ( which is tilt-crazy) while i had built on more days.
      -i tilted on last day of vegas managing to lose some 1500 US$ on PLO live, while i was trying to pay my travel with it. It is my biggest live loss. I already spent my recent big winnings (5 500$ and 1 680$), and I am in financial issue right now, if i don't score.
      -i realize i am not so good a player, as i encounter the dark side of PLO.

      I think i contaminated my PLO efficient play with my usual craziness: too much fatigue while playing, too long sessions, too risky moves, underestimating adversaries and so on, which cost me already much in Hold'em.
      That affect me right now.

      I will finish reading Jeff Hwang "PLO", and then play my 110$ live 3 lives PLO, and see what on the road to PLO for me: the end of a new lubby or serious possibility.

      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:
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      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:

      Bad week.....I am low in my poker those days, probably because because i am depressed by my poor performance in Vegas wich finaly makes me in financial trouble. I should not have done that with my earnings as i needed them: bad Bankroll managment !! :f_cry:

      -casino 85$ tourney on tuesday night, rebuy once.
      I played horribly. I 1st loose to some bad beat, then rebuy (I should stop rebuying those tourney) and then everythings happens well. I build a respectable deep stack above average. But then i do some stupid thing. We are some 15/40 players. Someone raises my blind 5 times, and i fold QQ under the comments of my playmates "you don't know how to play tournaments !!""What?" "QQ?!?". And they are right, i was too tight. But the worst to this story is, that few hands later, i openraise TT 3 bb (15k) get pushed to 70 k and call. NON SENSE !!

      -next day, 75$ noon tournament
      nothing interesting. 0 cash

      -Resting 2 days, then playing the satursday 75$ tournament.
      I usually don't play this one because it is a field a 150 players , and few 3 times i played it were not succesfull. So this was a try, like I tried earlier a comeback to the casino tournaments (with great success, at the time, early april).
      Finally i did a big deep run. But there again, after playing well, building slowly my stack, i ended loosing half my stack to some stupid operaise KK, then by calling a bump on my bb, instead of folding or reraising/shoving the super aggroplayer who hit his flush with his 24s. Stupid play from me. I end shoving 66 before the break, to be called by similar stack A9o, who explained me later it is one of his favorite hand.
      But there again stupidity !!

      -same tournament, sunday.
      Sunday is the worst. I struggle to get to the tournament place, despites bus problems, sharing a taxi with peoples. I arrive 30 minutes late. At the table, some guys trash talk things i don't understand at my right and on my left, beyond the dealer. That makes me uncomfortable, and i play badly. One hand i make a stupid raise turn on my straight draw and calls his reraise., ending on a non interesting turn, i check rather than loose all my chips. It leaves me with 10k, over 30 starting k. Stupid hand. I should even shove the river, or not bet at all this hand. Last hand is worst: openraise 3bb with KQs (stack 9k, bb 600), called twice, then i shove 1st to act on 37J, tank/called by J8h. I get my king on the river but a king of heart that gives vilain a flush. stupid play, there again.

      I played last side event qualifiers for vegas. I qualified to the 160$ final to the 2500$ package.
      There again i did stupid mistake, when ten players remaining over 60, for 5 packages. Following a miraculous flips AQ>AK, I was stacked, position 3rd. Then i got cupid, and openraise weak hand A3o, and shove it against min stack on FDh flop xxK, instacalll by vilain who were trapping me with KQh. SO i got half stacked. few hands later i find intelligent to shove with A2s early position (to steal), but I am called by QQ and AA !! I could wait for a better hand, and position. I am very hungry at myself as i was very near this package (event 60 + travel expenses)

      DANGER !!!!
      On my road to poker efficiency, I must solve this problem of behavior i have. Why do i stupidly destruct my work, with stupid moves ?!!?
      -I must not play so tight, strong hands.
      -I must no play too aggressively (or even passively--calling bet) weak hands (draws etc).
      -I must play regularly, not opposing my own precedent play. My whole poker tournament should be harmonious, even if i can bring irregularities to disturb adversaries.
      -I must work my concentration/calm not to be disturbed again by some sh****y people sometimes.
      -I must go away from the table , sometimes after big hands, up or down. That way i can keep my calm and optimum poker.

      I ended reading Harrington tournaments vol2.

      Very interesting. I loved the inflexion points things. It made me more aggressive in the end step of tournament. I fully understand why those books are the referal to poker tournaments (depsites they already criticized for anciennety)

      this week $$$
      -live -485$
      -online -60$
      :spade: :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:
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      Since i play badly nowadays (see precedent post) and am broke (since my travel to vegas), i don't play a lot anymore.

      --No live tournament this week.
      I don't have money for that, now.

      This week, i mainly played some money on pokerstars to grind the steps until i reach a 82$ (step3) to participate in vegas pre-satellite qualifier, or until I reach a 700$ (step5) vegas satellite for a 13K$ package.
      I believe in that, because, in december, when i was broke also, i had managed to grind the step from 7,5$ step 1 to the 2 100$ step 6 (all in ONE try). I had ended 4th of the final step (in wich there was 1 PCA package and a second 2 000$ prize). I don't tell you how much frustrated it made me !!
      But, this week , that was far from being so successfull. I did many step 1, maybe 20, counting the step1 retry tickets. I only ended the week with a 215$ step 4 ticket and 2*27$ step3 tickets. I lost my last step3 Sit & Go, 5 minutes before the beginning of the last 82$ qualifier for the vegas 700$ satellite. :f_cry:

      On the other side i played some mtt Sit & Goes, to change. I cashed quiet often. It helped me pay some step for a while. I will play them more often.

      I will soon begin the reading of "the mental game of poker".
      I already did read "poker mindset", which was interesting. I hope i won't be "bored".

      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:
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      Last week, after my pause (due to constant failure/idiot moves) from live poker, i got back to this.

      This was financialy very hot, for me, as i have no more money, partialy due to my ma bad trip to vegas and my missemployement. Last week-end, i had learned that my super july professionnal project was aborted. To add to this despair, a clinical study i was planned to do, for some money (2500$ !!) got cancelled for me. This was the end of everything. No more money, hurry up. :f_cry: i don't want to ask my family any money, i would be shamed. So those short times were hard.

      With my last 400$, i did subscribe to Montreal Casino 65$ qualifier to a 330$ satellite for the 1600$ Serie Royale of satursday the 5th of july.

      I qualified through the 1st qualifier, and made my way through the satellitte until last 5 players. I was 2nd or 1st in chips but i proposed myself for the money prize, with a little $$ completion from the others players:
      -i needed money urgently (next month rent etc)
      -i am not fully ready to score at a 1600$ buy-in event.
      I took the money !!! 1300$ :f_cool:

      Following day, satursday, i played a 65$ mtt: ending 2nd /110 players for a nice 960$ cash out. :f_cool:
      During this tournament's FT, i refused a 4-way deal giving me 850$, because i wanted to chop AND leave money for the winner. They refused, we played.

      Sunday night, i played a 110$ bounty (included 50$ bounty). Card dead, i lost weakly. Following that, i made the bad move of playing a 110 $ satellite for a 1100$ event. I thought it was clever to play for an overlay, but it was not, as players registered during the pause, and it was not, because , by late registration, i entered with 20bb, with is not enough for good play.

      With those 2 results i am back with efficient poker ! I played both the event with few errors (i could notice), leaving me both the money and a satisfaction feeling. Despites it, sunday night was already the bad side of poker: being card dead, but mainly doing a 110$ error by registering to an unusefull satellite. Due to that i don't play my planned monday live mtt, and I take some brief 1-day rest.
      Next: with my new live Bank Roll i can play my 1st 110$ omaha 3lives event, tuesday night.

      I did not say until now, but i watched regularly the WSOP final tables on (great commentaries). I learned somethings watching those videos. I must work my Final Table play and watching those pros and amateurs teached me a lot.

      Week $$:
      -Live + 1775$
      -online 0$
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      In my 1st plo article, i was wondering if PLO was for me, or if it was only a new lubby, supported by some luck. I had already a big result in my 1st ever mixed event (ending 6th over some 100), but i wanted the confirmation.

      :s_cool: I played and won a 110$ 3-lives/reentry event at my local (montreal's Playground). :s_cool:

      I am so proud of myself. It was my 1st PLO tournament. It seems to confirm my talent for this type of poker.
      I must also say it was not a big tournament (21 players), to be completly honest. But it is THE plo tournament of the region, still.

      I deserved my victory as it was not a lucky tournament (like some can be). I used 100% skills: patience, hand selection, decision on flop/turn/river....I entered the 9 players final table as the shortest stack and continued like this until the final 3. I never got confortable in chips until there. I always waited for nuts hands. I folded unumerous KKxx or AAxx if not interesting enough, straight, low flush etc.
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      Despites this week's PLO result, this was a bad week.

      I lost every other tournament i played:
      -125$ 8-max, on wednesday night.
      -60$ , on satursday noon.
      -110$ (50$) bounty, on sunday night.

      ....and i lost money on cash game:

      -200$ 1/2 holdem
      -230$ 1/2/5 PLO
      I only regret loosing 200$ on holdem, (with one 100$ stupid hand). PLO was "necessary" to try, as i could be earned nicely on this game. but i did not happen and so i did not rebuy.

      ...and lost money online:

      -200$ on pokerstars for 44$ turbo, the 55$ nightly 20 grand, 1 cave PLO25, hot 22$, omania 11$ twice and some little others....
      I usually don't play those stakes online, but i was unable to wait. I wanted to try myself at those bigger stakes. Bad idea, despites i was very near cashing (some 80$ at least) in the 44$ turbo,
      I decided, for a time, i would not grind much on internet, but play once or twice a week, a similar-to-live buy-in: around 50$ to begin (probably lower as internet is more intense than live). I will see.

      Bad week that is hurting my fragile BR. As i already said, i am unemployed at the moment, and needing that money that is my only income. This month i still have 1400$ that are poker winnings, already reserving some 1200 $ for immediate expenses (logment, transport, phone, food).
      I must now play very tightly on the table, and on my choice of games.
      I will get back to grind a little 60$ live mtt.

      I am not sure it is accurate but... is to warm myself against the danger of "stupidity", defined as those bad poker acts of mine, that make me loose TOO MUCH money:
      -playing too high
      -playing too much (too much on a day, too many days...)
      -playing too high
      -playing too long, tired...
      -playing stupid (crucial) hands

      Week $$:
      -live -250$ :f_cry:
      -online -200$ :f_cry:
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      after my BAD weak, i continue to not have live result (reminder: i am much more a live poker player).
      The losses are not big (or crazy, this week :rolleyes: ), they are constant.

      -a little 30$ tournament:bubbled it.
      -a 130$ (25$)bounty: one bounty at the very beginning, meaning i double up/stack leaded, then card dead and out.
      -a 60$ tourney: near bubbled it.
      -a little 40$ tournament: horrible play, out in 20 minutes after very nice beginning (then too much--stupid--bluffes)
      - a 110$ (50$) bounty: i spent 7 hours to near bubble it (with a 100$, 2 bounties compensation). Then i got those 100$ Aces cracked in cash game by very Laggy Calling station.

      A mix of bad luck and bad play.

      Week $$
      -live -380$ :f_cry:
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      Being money less those times and unsuccessfull at (live) poker, i don't insist much. Played a bit.


      Played one 70$ mtt that i stupidly busted with AJs on bb, versus AKo. AJ is not a good hand. A real winner does not play this hand.

      Played one little 30$ mtt where i got incredibly unlucky, loosing with AA in decisive 3-way pot.

      Played (badly) a 85$ mtt, but played badly: raises, bluffes, too many....#stupid play.

      I have now a mix of bad play and missluck. What can be worst for a poker player ?


      I had deposit 100$ on pokerstars to grind some bigger tournaments, as i had decided to. It worked well, as one of my first one was a 7th place in the omania 33$ for 390$

      but i could not manage my new bankroll, as i ended loosing it all, some days later, despites another nice result on 27$ KO progessif (wich i love)

      I did redeposit 50$ for omahaweek. i qualified for the 82 KO progressive. No success.

      I really have a problem of BankRoll Managment. Even when i win, i can't manage to keep it.
      Usually, i play too much, like 15 to 30 (little ) mtt and sats per day. That is a type of compusion i have. It is not as if i was climbing the limit too rapidly, but i insist too much on my limit, mtt and satellite. KEEP ON QUIET.......
      At least, i am aware of it. I should really work on improving it.
      I should have keeped on playing only a few big tournaments after my 390$ win on omania 33$, but i was greedy again.

      So now i don't know what to do in that poker impass. :f_confused: :f_mad: I get too much compulsive on internet........
      Despite it, i want to learn cash-game, probably at NL10 or PLO5.
      I will play a bit of live, and see what i do for learning cash game (working will, BRM, Patience, constance etc) as i would love to be able to proceed in this "free" format (time, duration etc).
      Any advice ??

      Week $$$:
      live -185$
      online- 150$
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      I am leaving Canada and Montreal's playground.

      I have not found an employ since april, and i don't generate enough revenues playing poker (despite i do). I must also admit i had enough of that winter weather. So i am coming back to France.

      I am leaving the best poker place in Canada (and maybe in the World) where I did hit my 1st big results in live mtts during pokerstars Canada cup. :f_cry:
      I am leaving the worldwide poker sites, as we are limited in french poker sites in France (Arjel law). I will not find such big field as or 888, no more FTP multientry mtts (no FTP in France) etc..... :f_mad:

      But i will probably see to move in London rapidly to play in their 3 mtts interesting casinos and be able to play on .com again. I also dreamed of london for a long time, since i was living there as a child.

      to be continued.......
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      I did finish reading Pot Limit Omaha: the big play strategy.
      I only did read the Omaha Hi (i did skip the limit Omaha Hi/lo part, and will come back later to the Pot Limit Omaha Hi/lo part).

      This is a great book ! i heard it is probably the best book for PLO beginners and I believe it, for now. It opened my game to strong concepts i was only intuiting. Now i know PLO hands range and when to play them or not. It leaves me with a few questions but PLO is long way....THere awas a lot of technics, strategy and a lot of hands and quizzes. So nice and helpfull !!

      I am sure I will read his others PLO books,

      as they have good review too. They seem to be the best PLO books out there.

      I will probably read books of Bob Ciaffone (omaha poker) and Stewart Reuben (How good is your PLO? ), as much as their together book (Pot Limit and limit poker), as Jeff hwang describe them as cult (but I say, still old).

      PLO is definitly a game for me as I described in my earlier post. All my results on this variant are good: 1st mixed mtt, 6th over 90 players, then 1st (and last) PLO mtt 1st over 20 players, and my online PLO results are satisfying, leaving me up.

      Tomorrow I have my second live mixed tournament (PLO & NLHE): a 110$ Playground festival event (earlier pokerstars Festival but no more, since they have been bought by Omaya games----????)
      (and then, the night after, my last live mtt in Canada's playground: a 110$ festival 8-max live mtt).
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